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21 Jan 2022 15:00:09
With Lindelof out for unfortunate personal reasons who fills in at centre back?

Does Ralf go with Phil Jones again or try Luke Shaw at Centre back with Varane?

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21 Jan 2022 15:10:36
shaw is usless as a left back so cb makes no sense, just play jones. but he will prob go with maguire

i would love to see awb as a cb i think he would be good.

21 Jan 2022 16:40:45
Be club captain, who play why would be anything else.

21 Jan 2022 09:59:35
The crumpled up old road map MU seem to have been using is coming to a massive cross roads by summer
Many people seem to be predicting an whole team leaving creating a massive hole in the road. The hole left is going to be nearly impossible to be filled as transfer funds gained along with usual annual £100m on top of transfer income will not meet the needs.

Players mentioned

Mata. ( free )
Ronaldo ( if we don't gain champions league )
Pogba ( free )
Cavana ( free )
Lingard. ( free )

At best we will possibly bring in £80m considering the economical situations all clubs are in .
Even as we seem finally to be throwing the old crumpled map away ( The MU way ) and moving to a modern Sat Nav it's a massive challenge for new coach/ manager . It will be harder if we don't land champions league place that automatically attract one or two top players.
The coach/ manager appointment at the cross roads will be as important as champions league in attracting players wanting to play for the new coach/ manager.

I am sure many of you will agree and disagree with my views but the road is going to be a rough ride .

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21 Jan 2022 10:41:10
The Fox (lol silly name) - you forgot that MU have to replace HM, LS and AWB. Check the banter page that is the view of the ‘fans’. How does that work into your mathematical conundrum? Like a screen door on a submarine one suspects.

21 Jan 2022 10:43:34
agree with that fox with the possibility of periera, martial, pogba lingard and possibly bailly going out this month?

21 Jan 2022 11:17:19
It was always going to be a little difficult Fox but i don't understand panick. When you are in a rebuilding phase then you buy 3-4 good players, some cheaper ones (lets say some from Holland if we took Ten Haag) and promote some players of our academy. And ofcourse some cheap players from Germany who Ralf knows very well.
Maze who thinks he is the only one knowning mathematics things its mission impossible. So what do you suggest, to keep these players because "we can't replace them"?

21 Jan 2022 16:41:37
So, Pereira, Mata don’t not feature at all and Lingard can’t get a game. Jones is 4th choice and might soon be 5th. Martial has been useless for a long time, Elanga replaces him.

Ronaldo should never have been signed but Cavani going will leave a gap.

So, we need a CF, and CM (or DM) as a minimum. We promote Menji and Mejbri, we also have Amad and Pellestri to come through.

Right now, a clear out feels like a great idea.

21 Jan 2022 16:47:14
We won’t remove and replace all those players that would be crazy, maybe 1 come in January…2/ 3 in summer max

Maybe 2 out January 3/ 4 out summer that’s it.

Some on here seem to think Ralf a miracle man and club is going to take much notice of someone who never managed big club or managed elite players, he will be gone before all them players

Look what he said other day De Beek come on looked great controlled game…he not been seen since

He talk good game. that hit.

21 Jan 2022 06:07:23
why not try Jones as a solo CDM. he's played there before and the guy can pass and play (if not injured! ) with Fred, Fernandes (and DvB) rotating around him.

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21 Jan 2022 09:39:25
I think that's actually a decent shout, if he wouldn't breakdown, could definitely do a better job than Matic, and arguably better than Fred.

21 Jan 2022 16:19:23
Did he not play that position a bit when he was younger? Memory not what it was. Certainly, in his last game, his passing was spot on.

20 Jan 2022 09:04:53
When it comes to players like Jesse or pogba coming to the end of their contracts with talks over a new deal either stalled or going nowhere do their own clubs still want them as part of the main squads?
I ask as there are reports that Barcelona are trying to force dumbell to sign or leave but united for example still see pogba and Jesse or in the case of mbapoe at psg still very much part of 1st team picture.

{Ed002's Note - Clubs can use all of the registered players and do.}

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20 Jan 2022 12:30:59
Dumbell, one of your best yet ken ?.

20 Jan 2022 13:46:17
Dembele. tough one to work out. ?‍♂️.

20 Jan 2022 15:24:03
Dembele = poor attitude bit like Sancho.

20 Jan 2022 19:00:55
Who told you sancho has an attitude issue RM?
Same person that told you the only players that like Ralph are dalot and telles.
You get a lot of info from Carrington for a man living in Romania ???.

20 Jan 2022 19:37:05
Ken, he gets it from his roommate Maze ?.

20 Jan 2022 19:37:12
Ken, Sancho is well known in Germany to have attitude problem and we have much German football here, ask any Dortmund supporter of his attitude, actually closer to you ask City.

Telles and Dalot is just plain to see, they never got a look in before now are both playing regularly and Ralfs first choice, don’t need Einstein to see that without bein in U. K.

Along with criticisms of virtually every player dear ol Ralf knocked millions of there value too, oh yeah he doing a great job.

20 Jan 2022 20:01:24
Mister Shappy, don’t understand roommate Maze you had many beer? Why you make up these lies?

But again you make up much things, like Shaw being one of best in world was your words, this week you not like him no more! So I’m confused by you, but then you done same with Ole and Binsaka and probably many more, but that OK that’s you I understand now, if it makes you feel good that ok.

20 Jan 2022 20:12:10
Ed’s can I apology please It’s 2022 I should not say Mister Shappy I don’t know if he Mister or Madam Shappy, I was live in Ralf Time when I poste sorry….

{Ed014's Note - fella you need to chill out, you’ve been here 5 minutes and you’re already digging other posters out.

Calm down and be nice please.

20 Jan 2022 20:22:05
I only respond to them saying I am maze or not Romanian or in Romania, please check if you like me sure you have…. only person me dig as you say is Ralf, I not say one other poster name until they mention me and make things up that not true. Am I not allowed to respond to lies, sorry I did not know that.

20 Jan 2022 20:45:56
Romanian maverick. You'll have to excuse me. I don't know what could have led me to assume you were Romanian. I'm such a naughty boy. ????.

21 Jan 2022 16:20:38
It's like an episode of Allo Allo ?.

19 Jan 2022 22:02:43
Any chance that someday we could show up and play well for an entire 90 minutes of football?! Don't think I'm asking for too much. Good 3 points tonight at a difficult ground. Knew Brentford would play well as they've drew with the scousers and beat Arsenal, but my god we were lucky not be out of it by HT. DDG getting back to being the one man wall he was 3/ 4 years back. Lol.

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20 Jan 2022 15:33:05
Tim, be good if we can show up and play well to city or Liverpool standard just for 10 mins sometime.

19 Jan 2022 21:12:51
I have watched this site and united from afar for many times, excuse my English, some speak sense (in there own minds anyway) some speak rubish, some seem to go away for upsetting someone, (suppose banned) some seem to be protected much more then some, some sway with the wind and forget what they say one week change the next week.

I always think that Shaw, Binsaka, McG, are not good enough, but others said one is one of best left backs in world. LOL, Binsaka was so good, LOl this week even he changed tune!

United have spend lots of money on poor player for years Sancho be prime example, turns out even he says Left wing is his best when everyone thought he was for right wing.

Ralf well out of his depth too with this job, in Romania we all laughed when he got job we think hope for us all. You can't go from small little teams and rockup at united and think you can act that way. wrong choice, out of date and what he ever done to even be a consultant at one of worlds bigger clubs, oh got a tune from a lower tier German club. stupido. 4222, we back in 1990!

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20 Jan 2022 08:46:29

People need to understand that RR was hired to give the club time to find a full-time manager. He will have 6 months to help build this team for the next manager and sort out who needs to go.

Furthermore, it gives him the opportunity to understand what exactly needs to be done when he takes up his consultancy role come this summer.

20 Jan 2022 09:18:39
Isn't it odd that every time Maze returns to the site that within days another new poster who has been a long time lurker but first time poster starts posting saying the same things Maze is saying and writing in the same style ?.

20 Jan 2022 10:28:16
If you're a Romanian then i'm Count Dracula.

20 Jan 2022 15:25:27
Well done Bilko, Count Dracula comes from here too! You are very brains.

21 Jan 2022 01:51:30
I'm loving it. Keep it coming Romanian angry person (and you too the Maze) . I very much enjoy you shaking it up a bit with your challenging commwnts and surreal comedy.

19 Jan 2022 11:18:29
So tonight we find out the true measure of Ralf. Martial came out and effectively called him a liar so for me, he shouldn’t feature at all until he apologises. If he’s in the squad then we are an even bigger mess than we think.

This interim nonsense really isn’t doing it for me. The players know he is interim, the club won’t want to sign players that the new Manager may not want, we are in for a season of chaos and carnage.

If Ralf really thinks he has a chance of the job full time then the comms wasn’t clear at the outset. Utter chaos.

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19 Jan 2022 11:47:46
It was always likely to get worse before it got better.

We were limping along, but now the extent of the injuries are becoming clear and it's becoming obvious that we will need to break the leg and reset it with months of rehabilitation and physiotherapy in order to get back on track.

We have a disharmonious squad of players, some want out, others are happy for a cushy ride.

Someone needed to come in and clear the deck for the next guy.

While hiring the "best" guy available at the time is rarely a good route forward.

19 Jan 2022 12:49:24
AJH - what is baffling is why bring in an interim coach at all.

OGS as up and down as his tenure was (arguably more down than up), why not bring in someone like RR in a tech director role to focus on the broader solution whilst supporting OGS when necessary - but ultimately keeping a coach in place.

Afterwards you reassess at the end of the year OGS may still go but at least this turmoil (circus) is avoided.

RR as interim coach does not guarantee a better league finish than OGS. Maybe both working together could have as one knows the players inside and out and the other is ‘a football man’.

19 Jan 2022 13:37:36
Maze, Fletcher is our technical director and John Murtaugh our director of football. So there is literally no official place for RR to come in without sacking one of them, which might be harsh as both are less than 6 months into their role.

Ole was sinking and losing the dressing room, I can't imagine he'd have won it back if RR came in to baby sit him through the rest of the season.

I don't think this season means much now, we'll do the best we can but I'm not expecting much from it. If we are lucky we'll have a good cup run, but that very much depends on chance, or at least the luck of the draw.

Now this season is about working out which players have a future at the club, trying to get them used to a more modern and demanding style of play, while clearing a path for the next manager.

We've gone past the point where we look to keep toxic players who don't want to be here in hope that the next manager might want them. They have proven themselves not up to the task. Cut them loose and move on.

RR will gain a ground floor understanding of this group of players so that he can give an informed opinion as a consultant.

Fortunately the club seemed to realise that they need to get the right coach in next, and a certain about of clearing is needed before that coach comes in. Therefore an interim coach was the best way forward. While the added bonus of getting a man with RR's understanding and skillset to continue on beyond the interim manager period is a massive bonus.

It doesn't mean all is rosy in the garden, but gives hope that the club might be moving in the right direction.

19 Jan 2022 15:22:11
There comes a point when the manager has nowhere to go, Ole got to that point, a bit like Boris right now. A change was needed and after knee jerking into appointments the last few times the club have decided to take their time. We can only hope they are doing a robust and considered review of what and who they want. I’m not holding my breath.

19 Jan 2022 19:22:30
I dislike martial as a player no secret there.
However I disagree with you AJH. They had a conversation Brettenham then this week and RR said a line had been drawn under the incident.
He is in the squad tonight I see nothing wrong in that.
Imo it's good management if an issue is resolved then it needs to be forgotten. Otherwise it simmers and drags on. RR has proven not only to martial but every other player that he is capable of putting am incident like that behind him and for showing he is a man of his word.
All big boys and if it's for the good of the group then as a manager you need to move on.

19 Jan 2022 19:30:06
Maze what don't you get what is baffling

They had tk hire an interim because the manager they want IS NOT available.

Whats so hard to understand.

19 Jan 2022 19:33:51
Shappy has perfectly hit the nail on the head with his reply.

19 Jan 2022 20:23:46
United need to get a decent manager in and very fast, this shambles will not make anything better, people think they here consultant and he will be good at it, you do not even know consultant of what! But sounds sexy…. What experience of club of united size does he have….

19 Jan 2022 21:59:07
Roman whos avaialble now to get?

20 Jan 2022 04:24:21
Many would accept job if offered, as much as I did not like Carrick might as well stayed with him then rolling back to 1990 with Ralf, bet united would have had more points then they do now! People say it’s ok he be consulting next season……. make us laugh, small club man. small club mentality reason he 60 plus old and no big club before.

19 Jan 2022 10:52:54
Just an opinion but I think RR is really nailing it this week in terms of press and player management.

I think calling out Martial was a clever move, in that he shows the other players he isn't afraid to call them out if they aren't pulling their weight. While there is little backlash he will likely suffer as Martial is likely to leave this window. He then totally defused it with the press after Martial contradicted his version of events by saying he has had a chat with Martial and it's all been sorted in house.

He's shown the players he isn't someone to meddle with, then before it could blow up in the press he doused the flames and kept control of the situation.

This was them followed up with throwing the gauntlet down for Pogba to work hard and show off what a good player he can be to earn a move to his ideal club.

Rather than saying "we want to keep Paul, he's an important player" etc.

He just accepts that Pogba will likely leave, but has mentally backed Pogba into a corner where he will now know the world is watching to see whether he is worth signing based on his performances. Thus probably motivating a player into putting in the effort.

I can't remember a week where our manager had so masterfully handled the press and the players.

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19 Jan 2022 12:50:37
Shappy you are an interesting wee fella. Maze thinks the total opposite in that Ralf and MU have had an embarrassing week in the tabloids. Go figure.

19 Jan 2022 13:27:04
Maze, who would have thought that you'd have a pessimistic outlook on all things United. Go figure.

19 Jan 2022 15:20:48
Shappy, you can look at it that way, or:

1. He is being too open about players who will be getting irked about how much he is sharing about them. Sancho and Rashford spring to mind.

2. He called out martial who then basically called him a liar and he did nothing.

I a, struggling to get excited about a Ralf at the moment, I know he is interim but it has all been underwhelming so far.

19 Jan 2022 20:19:26
What is nailing it? Playing games with top level players… that’s real bright management, this is not lower league Germany in 1990 shocking appointment, when Mr Jose does this the world cry’s foul, here he is nailing it. haha.

20 Jan 2022 04:28:12
Some will say win Brentford…hahaha…Brentford could be win by halftime… because Ralf we lost against villa…bad time substitutions wrong players so today try prove a point with Ronaldo cos made such mess at Villa, poor manager, only good he done is no Binsaka, no Sancho no Shaw.






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