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04 Mar 2021 08:36:40
I am so bored of this.

I'm bored watching us play.

Bored watching Fred run around like a headless chicken with no idea what to do with the ball when he gets it.

Bored of seeing us hoof the ball forward with nothing but hope.

Bored of the sideways passing which seems more about passing the responsibly of attacking intent that it does of opening up a packed defence.

Bored of seeing Bruno's pained expressions when he sees what surrounds him and how little they offer.

Bored of the forlorn figure on the side of the pitch watching on with fear, thinking that maybe another DM might make a difference.

Bored of seeing hope on the bench that never sees the pitch.

We are God dam Manchester United and I am so bored of watching us I have to have something else on the go at the same time to keep me from falling asleep.

I feel like a kid who's PlayStation has broken and my parents have replaced it with a mega drive from 1992 yet don't understand how this isn't OK.

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04 Mar 2021 09:13:43
You should buy jreds TV off him or gds2's they have been watching something different to the rest of us apparently. Ole is like a breath of fresh air.

04 Mar 2021 12:55:14
I would want one too ken. Probably provides more real time stats and insights than our average TVs I guess.

05 Mar 2021 01:03:52
Ken, come on, that’s unfair. I agree with a lot of your posts but the folk on here who support Ole do so with many many caveats.

My personal opinion is he’s not good enough but not as bad as people make out. He’s improved us, the squad and the attitude but we need someone else to take us to the next level.

05 Mar 2021 02:51:30
RWWD, "not good enough but ok" that's the sentiment that needs to go first. This club deserves better than Ole.

I agree with you we need someone to take us to that next level but it's unfair that we are stuck with Ole for the time being. Although I do appreciate the good things he has done at the club but we really need to move on from him.

05 Mar 2021 11:06:29
You’ve put quotation marks around something I didn’t say there dude.

05 Mar 2021 11:33:25

Do you read my posts? No wonder I am sarcastic when people post nonsense like that. When have I ever said Ole
Is a breath of fresh air? When have I said I think Ole is the man for the job or playing good football? I haven’t, I’m just not a moaning person and try and see balance in things.

Thanks for the random name check though 😘😘.

05 Mar 2021 12:00:17
GDS2 you said a month or so ago on the discussion page that Ole was playing good, attacking football and don't understand why people are complaining as you were finding the games exciting.

It was just after you said Ole wasn't the right man to take us forwards.

05 Mar 2021 12:00:34
Are you the only one allowed a joke now? I think a little man got out the wrong side of the bed again this morning🤣🤣🤣 diddums.

05 Mar 2021 12:37:00
If you’re bored, don’t worry. There will be a few goals in the derby this weekend!

05 Mar 2021 15:12:26
Nobody is allowed to joke on here Ken I believe, serious discussion only. My response was pretty tongue in cheek to be fair.

Sepp, are you dazw as well? He keeps accusing me of saying that ‘on the discussion page’, this is now the 5th time and I can’t find the post and nobody can show me where I said it. You’ve just given yourself away mate.

{Ed014's Note - 😭

05 Mar 2021 23:47:04
gds i was keeping away from the site. but when someboy calls me somebody else i have to reply. in response to the clown just for you gds. sepp got what i said bang on. have you been heading the ball to long only i can rember what i said a few weeks ago. and i am probably a fair bit older than you.

04 Mar 2021 06:41:33
Well that was poor again. Fight for top 4 is on. I can see us losing against City and dropping points against very energetic, physical West Ham who are in very good form.

Pointless repeating what has been said over last month but lack of game management, lack of subs is hurting us as much as poor finishing. Last night was crying out for 20 minutes of the latest wonder kid, throw Telles on as a left winger or behind Shaw for 15-20 minutes just shake it up. but no,65 minutes in and we will settle for a point . against Palace .

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04 Mar 2021 04:58:48
Wasnt that painful?

Hey but look at the positive side of it at the end. We are still unbeaten and will take that trophy home. Made myself a nice snack at 3 am and knew won't miss much action. We only faced 2 shots on target from Palace all game, while had 1 that too a deflected one. Over 180 minutes they have scored more goals than we have any meaningful shots on target. And mind you they were without their best player.

But we were tired, only got a month break with no pre season and looked undercooked. Sorry no wait, that was the excuse from earlier in the season. Would have to find a new one now.

Someone please explain to me if Ole is not allowed to make a sub earlier. He makes the first at 70 minutes and that too a like for like DM sub. How on earth? Then takes off a striker in Cavani when he was the best of the 4 up front. How did Marcus stay on for more than 10 minutes let alone 90? If MR has a chance at goal you are more likely to win by placing a bet on him missing that shot rather than scoring 😂😂.

To top it all, Ole smiles like this was his gameplan and he just got what he wanted.

If that is a step in the right direction and is fast flowing entertainment, then Jose was the best football we ever had and closely followed by LvG.

Watching that, i am slowly losing interest. We are genuinely losing more fans than gaining new ones.

When it comes to football, Manchester truly is turning blue.

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03 Mar 2021 23:30:35
This site is like the movie Ground Hog Day. The same issues are argued over and over and over again. Feel like am stuck in a loop or the twilight zone. We all know Ole's shortcomings. No need repeating it after every draw or loss. The only way things will change is if we get a competent manager who knows how to set up a team. Ole if given this current City squad to manage will make them look bad. That's how bad he is.

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04 Mar 2021 03:16:38
Love_United, people are repeating the same thing again and again because Ole and his team keep frustrating everyone time and again. It doesn't help but at least people can vent out their frustration over here and feel a little relaxed about it.

Ole has done his bit and we should have moved him on before the season started. Now, I don't think the board is in any rush to make a change unless they are forced into making a decision.

04 Mar 2021 06:46:18
That's my point. People are expecting Ole to change and do something different when the reality is he is incapable of doing anything different because he is that clueless. If all the fans and so called experts can see what what needs to be changed surely he can. So to be doing the same thing over and over is deliberate if you asked me. High time we stop blaming the players. If they were coached better they would be playing better. Sir Alex didn't always have a side filled with top quality players but he was able to improve them.

04 Mar 2021 07:42:02
Love_United, agreed and a few of us have already questioned both Ole and his coaching staff for the performances on the pitch but then you have the optimists who are happy and see progress and are willing to blame the others.

The weird thing though is everyone accepts Ole is not the right man for the job and yet some are ok with it because Ole is doing the best he could backed up by some stats and further our position in the table is a sign of improvement for them.

We are anyhow stuck in this position, thanks to our board.

03 Mar 2021 22:49:34
Where do you even start with that shameful turgid display? I'm literally so angry watching that tonight, a display as bad as I can remember in recent years and there's been a hell of a lot. No energy, no urgency, no desire, absolute garbage. The attitude on the pitch stinks, there's no leaders setting an example, it was woeful from the off and got worse as the game went on.

These are players here on £150k a week abs can't make a 6 yard pass. The amount of times the ball is given away is a joke. Everyone was shocking tonight, some worse than others but nobody can come off that field with head held high.

That's 3 win from our last 10 league games, it's 3 consecutive matches without scoring, it's nothing better than what Jose was dishing up when he got the sack. Have you ever seen our players look any more disinterested?

I've no idea what Rashford has to do to get dropped. He's been terrible for a large part of this season, too focussed with being a national hero and forgetting what his day job the pays his wage is. He's a headless chicken who just runs blindly into the defender time and time again. He'll be lucky to make the England squad for the euros, he wouldn't be in mine I can tell you. Maguire again positionally terrible for most the game playing attackers onside.

As for the manager i'm not sure what else I have to say. Absolutely clueless, not cut out for the job. Can't motivate the players nobody can deny that after watching this dross tonight. Picks a team with 2 holding CM against the mighty Palace again, watches 75 mins of the worst football I can remember before making a change. He is clueless and so far out of his depth is beyond belief he is in the job he is. What's going on with DVB? Paid £40m and even in that performance won't take a chance on him coming on having an impact? What was the point in buying him?

Yeh I'm sure we'll the three likes of Jred etc telling us we're 2nd and everything going in the right direction etc etc, but Mark my words, well finish below Liverpool and be a miracle is we make top 4.

Onto city and a beating this weekend, here's hoping somebody acts and removed our incompetent manager soon before it gets worse. Would much rather a Brendan Rodgers in charge but out spineless board will not act, so it's more of this garbage to look forward too.

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04 Mar 2021 10:14:21
Stand you are not alone.

01 Mar 2021 06:58:01
I wake up to the headline, Boring Boring Man Utd, one goal against the big teams. If this was Mourinho in charge then there would be hell, how dare he be going out playing not to lose football.

It's progress say several Ole fans, however, the mindset is all wrong. Yesterday we were looking over our shoulders, don't lose to them they might threaten our top four position.

Once more, as we have seen time and time again since that 6-1 embarrassment, this was not the performance of a team trying to win the game with title ambitions. This was a team desperate not to lose in order to keep the chasing pack at arm's length. On Thursday we defended a four goal lead, four away goals, yet played not to lose. Gone are the days of The Doc, gone are the days where we would never concede titles with 15 games to go, gone are the days where we played to win, now we play not to lose. It's dreadful to watch, it's dire, it's getting to the point where fans will stop watching, the much coveted reputation built by Busby, fostered by SAF will be no more. We have employed the don't lose Cardiff minded manager who arrived at Cardiff, tried playing expansive football, lost, relegated, sacked so doesn't want to repeat errors.

This is not the mindset of a winner, this is not the mindset of a Man Utd manager, it must change but it will likely not whilst the feeble minded executives lap up a top four finish. It really isn't good enough, as the headlines say, Boring, Boring Man Utd, that's what Ole has made us.

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01 Mar 2021 09:12:54
Maybe not Red Man, but we have seen what happens when the managers ideas and mindset doesn't match that of our owners and board.

What is the expectations of the board and the owners? Is it to win everything or to keep the money coming in.

We have seen a stark difference between the spending of the club when they have failed to qualify for the UCL and when the do.

Now is that the manager or from higher up.

No doubt you'll get your dearest wish and Ole will get sacked at some point.

My question for you is what then?

Do you have confidence that the club will hire the right person next?

Or even that the right sort of person will want to manage our club in its current state. Klopp lost interest when we were discribed as "Disneyland", which might hold more truth than we realise as Donald Duck seems to be running the club.

So if the right sort of person isn't going to want to join us, and with the track record of hiring managers over the past 8 years, what makes you so sure that the next manager will be better than Ole?

If we are honest it'll likely be Southgate or Giggs. It'll depend who is unemployed at the time as our club will not pay what is needed to release a top manager from their current contract. The only time we pay for managers is severance.

So let's say by pure dumb luck they actually hire a top manager, someone with all the skills and experience needed to win things at a top club.

The next problem is we aren't run like a top club. Jose found that out. Managers don't get the players they want, they get the more marketable version. Someone at our club is picking out our signings and while the manager has a say they ultimately don't seem to get who they want. Or at least that the tune every ex-manager sings after they lose their job.

So even if we do get a top manager by dumb luck, they won't be backed properly. When money is spent it'll likely be on their 4th, 5th or 6th choice target, and if the manager gets us into the top four then the money will dry up so there will be little to no chance to kick on and climb higher.

That's where we are currently. So sure, kick off, screams and shout, call for the managers head but don't be naïve enough to think it will make any difference.

01 Mar 2021 10:55:46
Completely agree Shappy.

01 Mar 2021 11:07:35

That is an extremely good post.

{Ed077's Note - Salah was a 4th/5th choice option for Klopp when he signed for LFC. Alisson wasn't his first choice option either. But Klopp won the CL and PL with them instead of moaning and complaining.

That is what top managers do. Find a way to perform even with their 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice signings.}

01 Mar 2021 12:41:43
Ed077, Liverpool have a very different data driven approach to player recruitment. While the player they actually sign might not be the managers preferred choice there is sound data and analysis that has gone on to back why they might be the best choice as a player to fit the need of the team on the pitch.

Looking at how Salah and Alisson have performed since joining Liverpool suggests that the data analyst were right and I doubt the managers first picks would have done much better.

If United are going down this route than I'm all for it. Letting the manager hand pick the signings is a double edged sword. While the manager gets who he wants, that doesn't mean that the manager is actually a good scout or that player will work out. Also you have the issue of each manager bringing in their favourites then after a few managers you have a mismatched squad. As we have seen previously signing different players to suit different managerial styles.

I think the manager needs to be a part of the recruitment process but that all signings should fit into a bigger clear plan and direction for the club.

That is why many of us want a DoF, someone who could implement such an overarching vision and work to fulfilling it.

However, that isn't what we have. We seem to have financial experts making decisions on who we sign based off of "consultations" with external people and who they have links with to get deals done.

When you hire a footballer it should be based solely on their ability as a footballer, not marketability or because it's an easy deal to conclude.

I understand that there are financial constraints and that you can't always afford your first choice. But your second choice should be a stylistically similar player. Take signing Donny in the summer because we couldn't get Grealish. Donny and Grealish are poles apart in their interpretation of playing as a No.10 or creative No.8.

So why when we fail to sign one do we sign a player who clearly doesn't play the same role in a similar way?

It's just another example of how poorly run the club is.

{Ed077's Note - Shaps I dont what point you are making here but you cant blame other departments when OGS hasnt done anything amazing with his first choice signings. Maguire still hasnt solved any defensive problem and AWB hasnt been used properly. I know you live in denial; that they werent Ole's first choice but the fact the defence is still so weak after 100s of millions worth of new signings indicates something about Ole's ability to recruite players in conjunction with the long standing recruitement issue that has been an issue for Man Utd.
And I could talk about other positions as well.}

01 Mar 2021 15:08:18
Ed077, I don't know if Maguire was Ole's first choice, I know the club scouted him extensively BEFORE Ole was manager of Manchester United. I know Moyes, LvG and Jose have all since complained that they didn't get the signings they wanted.

My concerns are simple, if the manager doesn't have full control over our signings then who does and are they accountable?

Since 2013 we have spent well over £1bn in transfer fees, have the second largest wage bill in world football and have spent god knows how much in agents fees (Raiola reported got 28m alone for the Pogba transfer, while he was also involved in the signings of Zlatan, Mkhitaryan and Lukaku) . So its probably fair to say that in the past 8 years probably somewhere between £1.6-18bn has been invested in this squad.

That isn't on one manager, as we have had 4 in that time. Yet how many of the players we signed in that time would be first choice for the other top 6 sides?

Something is rotten in our player recruitment and it predates the current manager and unless held accountable will be the issue for the next one as well.

{Ed077's Note - I see improvement in transfers Shaps in recent 3_4 windows. But then again the bar was so so low}

01 Mar 2021 15:20:35
My opinion is we buy more first choice players than other clubs. Our targets are clear and obvious. You can't argue that from our first eleven De Gea Bissaka Shaw Maguire Matic Pogba Bruno were first choice targets. Ok maybe Bruno wasnt because Oles favourite was Longstaff? Ok they don't have the same role but buying Longstaff for 50 millions maybe it pretend us to spend another 70 in another midfielder.
I think our first eleven is full of first choices targets. That being good or bad is another matter because for me a manager can't scout players and say this player is plan a this plan b etc. A manager must say he wants to strength in these positions and then the scouting team make their suggestions.

01 Mar 2021 15:37:33
Ed077, That amounts to Grant, Dalot, Fred, Maguire, AWB, James, Bruno, Donny, Telles, Cavani, Diallo, Pellistri.

I think that's still a very mixed bag and I wonder how many of them would be close to first choice at Liverpool, City, Chelsea even Spurs or Leicester.

Bruno is the obvious one, a case could be made for AWB, Telles maybe. Who else? Of the 9 players signed under Ole only 3 can be considered regular first choice players (Bruno, AWB and Maguire) I'd argue Cavani should be as well, but he isn't a long term option and seemed like a panic buy after missing out on Sancho. At this moment I don't think Cavani is first choice if everyone is fit and on form.

Worryingly when Jose got us t second the club signed 3 players, Grant a back up for our back up keeper, Dalot (one for the future) and Fred who was never first choice under Jose. When what we needed was a CB, a RB and a RW.

I do wonder if Ole does finish 2nd this season will we gat any of the first choice signings we need?

Will the club have a hunger to spend 50m+ on a CB?

Will they want to spend 50m+ on a CDM?

Will they spend the money on a RW/ CAM?

We finished 3rd last season and Ole wanted a top class RW, Sancho was too expensive, as was Grealish, Ole got two teenagers with a handful of minutes between them.

This is how our club is run.

{Ed077's Note - Grant, Dalot and Fred were signed before the past 3-4 windows that i alluded to. Am I wrong in thinking Ole has overseen 4 transfer windows? And when I say transfer I dont just mean players in. I also mean selling/letting go off the likes of Young, Sanchez and Rojo and more. I also mean the decisiveness and willingness to change the loan clubs for the youngsters who werent getting thedesired minutes out on loan
(for eg- Garner from Watford to Nottingham Forest or Chong from Werder Bremen to Club Bruges.)

Also you said at this moment Cavani wouldnt be first choice on form if hes fit? Really? The only other option Martial has had no real impact this season, so who else would start for you instead of Cavani if he's fit because Martial's form is abysmal.

Also why do you care whether the club spends 50m+ on the positions you identified. Surely what should matter is whether the player signed is good enough or not. If lets say for instance if Utd signed Pau Torres for 25m would it be unacceptable to you? How they perform after joining should be the most important thing right?}

02 Mar 2021 10:13:05
Cavani won't be first choice if everyone is fit? You must be joking there Shapps.

02 Mar 2021 12:48:57
I'm saying that currently under our manager I don't think Cavani is considered first choice yet. He is yet to start 3 games in a row for us, maybe due to injury or maybe because Ole wants to persist with Martial as starting striker.

Like I said I disagree with it and would have Cavani as first choice. But even then at 34 he is nothing more than a short term fix.

28 Feb 2021 19:30:41
Fernandes looked really frustrated and rightfully so and had a go at Shaw in one instance when there were numbers in the box and time for him to pick out a cross and Shaw just plays it back safely.

We would be better on the pitch if Ole had the same creativity, passion and fire in his belly like Fernandes has.

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28 Feb 2021 21:32:37
I mean it must be frustrating to be the only player in the squad who could genuinely challenge for a starting spot in any great United team throughout history.

While two thirds of this squad probably wouldn't be good enough to be squad players in many of our title winning sides.

01 Mar 2021 13:01:51
Ah it’s not the manager it’s the players argument again. Utter nonsense.

02 Mar 2021 07:40:40
Yes red man, seeing that a lot more. Ole has been giving plenty of players, shipped out loads. I honestly think it's as good a squad I've seen in years but you're going to hear this argument a lot more.

25 Feb 2021 12:08:27
I see Wikipedia already have Jules Kounde listed as a United player, assume this is someone jumping the gun somewhat and there isn't already an agreement in place with Sevilla for his signing.

{Ed002's Note - Of course not. It is simply rubbish from one of the knuckle-dragging morons who support Manchester United.}

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26 Feb 2021 12:27:01
Cheers Ed, thought as much, this is what happens when Wiki permit anyone and everyone to update the records.

{Ed077's Note - the fact you even had to ask on here is quite confusing to me. And you even seem to know how Wiki can easily be modified/edited by any Tom, Dick and Harry.}

01 Mar 2021 11:08:45
Yes he has signed, they just told Derek in his bedroom in California before they announced it to the rest of us, news should be coming soon, watch this space.😜






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