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07 May 2021 16:06:50
Thought I'd post the Joel Glazer letter if anyone wanted to have a read.

Dear fan representatives

Thank you for your letter dated April 30, sent in your capacity as representatives of Manchester United fans. I read the contents closely and your love and passion for the club came across very clearly.

I want to salute your service to the Fans’ Forum, which I know is a vital channel for consultation between the club and our fans. As I recently stated publicly, I am personally committed to ensuring that we strengthen this relationship in future.

Your heartfelt letter captured the unique spirit of Manchester United, forged through decades of triumph, adversity and tragedy, and still powerfully present in today’s exciting team under Ole and the vibrant fanbase which you represent.

I was personally humbled by parts of your letter, as you explained so clearly why our initial support for the European Super League left you feeling angry and let down. I would like to reiterate my sincere apology for the mistakes that were made.

In particular, I want to acknowledge the need for change, with deeper consultation with you as our main fan representative body across a range of important issues, including the competitions we play in. We also recognise the importance of fan and football interests being embedded in key decision-making processes at every level of the club, and we are open to constructive discussions on how to reinforce that principle.

We remain committed to working with the wider football community to make the game stronger and more sustainable over the long-term, and we will now refocus our efforts on doing this within the existing structures of UEFA and the Premier League.

In addition, I want to reassure you that my family and I care deeply about Manchester United and feel a profound sense of responsibility to protect and enhance its strength for the long-term, while respecting its values and traditions.

Our top priority is, and will always be, competing for the most important trophies, playing entertaining football with a team comprised of top-quality recruits and some of the world’s best homegrown talent. Under Ole, we feel we are absolutely on the right track.

Success on the field must be underpinned by solid foundations off it. We have supported sustained investment in the team over many years, and that will continue this summer.

We recognise that we will need to significantly increase investment in Old Trafford and our training complex to ensure that the club’s facilities remain among the best in Europe. As part of this, we will consult with fans on investments related to the stadium and the matchday experience.

Indeed, one of the clearest lessons of the past few weeks is the need for us to become better listeners. To this end, I can commit the club will engage across all of the issues raised in your letter.

To highlight some specific points, as one of the few European football clubs listed on the public markets, we believe in the principle of fans owning shares in the club. We have previously engaged with the Manchester United Supporters’ Trust on fan share ownership and we want to continue and accelerate those discussions, together with provisions to enhance associated fan consultation.

We recognise that the Government-initiated, fan-led review of football is a positive opportunity to explore new structures for fan engagement and influence. I can assure you that we will willingly and openly engage in the review, with the aim of putting fans at the heart of the game and ensuring their interests are advanced and protected.

These commitments are a starting point for further dialogue, including all the specific points you raised, rather than final proposals.

We want to work together to come up with an ambitious package of measures which will transform our relationship with fans and strengthen the club for the long-term. In this spirit, we will reach out to members of the forum to schedule a meeting in which I shall participate as soon as possible after the final game of the season.

Thank you again for your work for the forum and your passion for the club. I look forward to meeting you and in the meantime let’s look forward to a successful end to the season.

With best regards

Joel Glazer.

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07 May 2021 17:54:38
Proof of the pudding and all that but its what a lot of people want to hear and any change for the better will be well received by many.
Some won't be happy until they have sold out but if things improve gradually it will be a start.

07 May 2021 21:36:04
As a wiseman once said…I’ll believe it when I see it 🤣.

07 May 2021 22:30:48
As the sites resident expert I can confirm that this is a load of waffle 😂.

08 May 2021 09:41:59
Well they aren’t going to sell the club so it is a start, as said above the proof is in the pudding but if the protests and the reaction to the super league plans has at least forced them to communicate with the fans then it is a start. They have to realise that the fans are a huge stakeholder and in any company it pays to keep your main stakeholders happy. They seem to have forgotten that for a long time but there is certainly a way they could run our club better than they have been doing whilst still taking their dividends but also improving the ground, training facilities and playing staff. This is a good step forward because it is something rather than nothing, let’s hope it is the start of something.

08 May 2021 12:13:42
Hope he doesn't come on here his posts are as long as Shappys!

06 May 2021 10:08:51
Between 2010 - 2020 Utd spent more money on interest repayments than all the other premier league clubs combined.

During the Glazers tenure we've spent more money servicing debt and interest than buying players.

As recently as 2019 Darcie Glazer used Utd as collateral to secure a bank loan.

For context when the Glazers bought the Club we had no debt.

Surely it was anti competitive for the Premier League to allow new owners to buy the Club using a leveraged buy out and burden it with crippling debt. The ultimate irony being the Glazers would not have been allowed to purchase an American franchise in the same manner as they acquired Utd in 2005.

The figures are sobering and every Utd supporter should not only feel a sense of injustice and anger but deep sadness at how the Club has been exploited as a commercial cash cow at the expense of sporting excellence and achievement.

In 2010 Wayne Rooney publicly questioned the Clubs ambition after he saw the likes of Ronaldo and Tevez leave the Club only to be replaced by Antonio Valencia and Michael Owen. There was of course no value in the market but scratch beneath the surface and the Club was struggling to service the crippling debt.

In the few years after Ronaldo left until SAF retired, It was only the genius of SAF that kept us competitive. During that same period Chelsea spent almost double than we did on player recruitment whilst City spent well over three times what we did during that same period. Success cannot be achieved and sustained without significant investment. To compound matters since SAF retired we don't even have the sporting infrastructure or expertise to invest the money that is available. We have investment bankers running a football club at the behest of absent owners who's only interest is to see its value rise. Success is now measured in the boardroom and on spreadsheets rather than on the pitch and by revenue and sponsorship generation not trophies.

Let's not kid ourselves we all know money brings success. Prior to Roman's billions Chelsea had only won one league title in 1955. Prior to the Abu Dhabi take over City had only won two league titles and not since 1968.

No doubt supporters of other Clubs will call me spoilt, entitled and suggest the Glazers do spend money but we have an annual turnover of over half a billion pounds and the Glazers only spend money to secure access to the greater revenue streams and sponsorship opportunities provided by the Champions League and not to win trophies.

As a Utd supporter I don't crave a wealthy billionaire. We don't need one. We generate enough revenue to be successful selling our own brand but sadly the Glazers have stolen over 100 years of sporting heritage, tradition and excellence and in doing so criminally neglected one of greatest and most famous sporting institutions in the world.

I will not apologise for wanting Utd to spend money. I will not apologise for wanting Utd to be the best. Until sporting achievement is prioritised over commercial growth we will never return to the top. For those in any doubt the Glazers spectacularly revealed their true colours to the entire world as the main protagonists and chief collaborators of the ill conceived ESL where they wanted to enter us into an anti competitive, closed shop so they could steal all the revenue despite how lousy we are on the pitch.

The Glazers are bad for Utd, the Glazers are bad for football.

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06 May 2021 15:10:03
Nail on the head.

06 May 2021 15:11:33
The funny thing is that the biggest problem to finding a new owner is who has 4bn to spend.

Yet United have well over 500m fans worldwide. If we all chucked in £8 each we would raise the 4bn the Glazers would want to buy the club.

Makes you think doesn't it.

06 May 2021 21:01:13
I’m not even sure it’s just about the Glazer’s selling, we know what they have done but there are so many easy wins for them to be better owners, speak to the fans, engage, improve facilities, be seen to actually give a f***. How anyone can defend them is beyond me.

07 May 2021 08:30:30
I've not seen anybody defend their ownership. I've seen some more balanced posts than the one above and I've seen ridiculous posts with stupid statements like they don't own the club, that are simply not true.
They have invested large sums into the team they could have spent more they could have spent less.
They could have used funds better they could have increased their spend. The money they made available could and should have been spent better.
I'm not sure who you want to own the club if you don't crave a billionaire owner for an asset that has to be bought for 3 or 4 billion Dlib unless of course you want an even higher leveraged buy out.
They have little or no respect for their customers imo and have proved that they are a threat to football as we know it. When the customers start voting en mass with their feet and with their pockets then it may change their attitudes but until then I feel we will have status quo.
I think its unreasonable to expect them or any business owner to simply walk away without maximising their profit. They have little or no emotional connection with their customers or business that's not criminal and its not illegal. From our point of view its not ideal that's for sure.
I admire your passion and loyalty Dlib. Are you doing anything about it personally if you don't mind me asking? I don't know if there is a coordinated protest group that has a strategic approach and how that gets communicated to those that want to take part. What to that group do to ensure its a peaceful protest to the vet who goes in anyway?
Rumours of another protest next week. What form it will take? i don't know hopefully not a violent or an unlawful one or one that will have a detrimental effect on the players and club.
I think every single customer and fan has a choice on how or if they protest. Some prefer a mob rule approach some prefer a more silent approach and some will give out and make no protest at all.
I guarantee you if you had interviewed many of those there last week and asked them why they are doing it and what they hope to achieve you would not have got a consistent answer. So there is little or no alignment and coordination which will be futile.
People have different tolerances. I can't comprehend people that moan moan moan and want want want but keep funding the regime they despise.
Its simply like turkeys voting for Christmas imo. I admire the Manchester fc guys for having the courage of their convictions. Good on them at least they have done something definitive and positive and stood up for what they believe in.
With the whole esl debacle pressure is cranking up again and with good reason and they may well have to make some concessions and changes to the structure to appease fans.
As customers and fans it would be nice to feel your voice was being listened to.

08 May 2021 09:44:55
Don’t think I have seen a post saying they don’t own the club. Seen many saying they haven’t put a penny of their own money in to the club which is entirely true.

08 May 2021 12:21:08
Jeez the clubs money belongs to them its their money I know your not stupid so why the good impression. Your an accountant so you know that is fact presumably.
Dlib said they don't own the club.

05 May 2021 12:10:58
That video of the sky reporter with Avram Glazer just sums up our owners completely. I'm sure it was a shock to have a mic in his face but he didn't say a word as has been their way for 16 years. Joel had an opportunity to engage last week during a fans forum but declined also. Do we really expect a response to the MUST letter? I wouldn't hold my breath.

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05 May 2021 17:24:55
Nice car though. noted it a bit chevrolet.

04 May 2021 21:02:32
Shappy, you have been at it for 2 days now, haven't you found your 4bn change under your sofa yet? Look what your delay is leading to. Ken and GDS2 are going on and on down the page.

Most of you want Glazers out whilst i really don't care who owns the club. It could be the Saudis or the Qataris. Its Manchester United. Glazers sell the club and what happens if someone like a Mike Ashley bought it. We would have some of the biggest superstars playing for us. The likes of Shelvey, Longbottom etc.

Like it or not, its their property and they can do what they want. Like it or not, we are losing our global appeal with this hooliganism.

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04 May 2021 21:23:47
As long as Longbottom can talk a certain Mr H Potter into playing for us, heard the kid is magic.

30 Apr 2021 09:56:48
Did anyone watch the post match interview with Ole on BT Sports?
When asked about changing the team at half time which Scholes and Hargreaves were in favour of it looked like it really irked Ole, he really wasn't happy and had a bit of a go at them both.

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29 Apr 2021 00:03:55
So Man City are in brink of their first CL final. It just breaks my heart.

Just 10 years ago, we were dream team for any player and the elite amongst the elite and now city are considered the same with us falling so far down.

So what went wrong for us? For me it is the poor transition from old to new management. SAF, as much as a legend he is left us in a very bad state with a very ageing squad which although had lots of leaders.

Appointing Moyes was the biggest mistake this club ever did. He was a average manager before we appointed him and still is a bang average manager with possibly his best season going on right now.

He lacked tactical ability to win matches and at the same time lacked character to manage big egos. No wonder he fell out with Ferdy, Vidic and Evra during that season. I did not believe it until I read Ferdy's story. He asked Vidic and Ferdinand to watch Jagielka's tape and learn from it. One of the biggest insult he can ever impose to club legends. I agree Ferdy and Vida were on decline but still they had massive presence in the dressing room. One of the big mistake he did was to lose the dressing room within such short span of time. After collapsing from his tenure, all we are doing is to get up slowly. because right after Moyes's tenure it was more about getting top 4 more than winning the title and we are still looking to it as primary goal.

On the other hand, City started their massive journey with the best investment they could ever do. They bought Aguero, Silva, Yaya Toure with presence of Kompany acting as a massively impressive spine to build their squad upon. They invested on their then present with continuous investment on their stadium and academy to build for the future.

We did not invest when we needed and then invested wrongly when we fell down.

Had we brought in Klopp or Guardiola as soon as SAF retired, things would have been different. Their first season could have been poor but after getting the players they wanted, we would surely would have won couple of titles till now.

Now people may say that both were managing a certain club but if SAF was retiring in 2013 then he must have known for 2 or 3 years about that. So did the whole club. That is a lot of time to approach the correct manager, offer lucrative contract and offer them the job after they complete their contract on their current club.

Well, It has been dark decade for us and I hope we really lift up this decade. Ole is not a manager I would like to have but he certainly has improved us a lot and is loved by all the players. One trophy win and you may never know how far he can reach. All we can do is pray and hope for best.

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29 Apr 2021 09:57:11
Does it benefit us to talk about the paths not taken?

I agree the whole thing went south when we hired Moyes, but then you need to ask what was the thinking behind hiring Moyes?

Its been said he was Sir Alex's choice, but then we know that Sir Alex first travelled to New York and Turin to have a chat with Pep and Conte in the months before he announced his retirement. So clearly Moyes was 3rd choice at best.

Also the story of Sir Alex just telling Moyes that he is going to be the next manager rather than asking him whether he wanted the job does come across like he was exasperated and just wanted someone to take the damned job.

However, the problem wasn't just who was hired, but why and how and who was calling the shots.

When Sir Alex left along with David Gill there was a power vacuum created and several people made moves to grab control for themselves. Sir Alex was more than just a manager, he effectively did the role of a DoF as well as coach the first team.

Who the club attempted to sign changed, with too many people sticking their oar in. Moyes felt he needed to stamp his authority on the squad and moved on most of the backroom staff, and brought in his own people. Suddenly you had a coaching team with no experience of elite European football. No experience with top class players, no experience of the pressures involved with managing a club the size of United.

However, a manager can only perform within the confines of his remit. If the club have an aim to get top four and that's enough, any manager will struggle to achieve more than that. Until the club shows drive and determination to be the best side in the country and Europe then no manager will be able to lift us to that position.

29 Apr 2021 12:51:39
Srestha what makes you think all the players love ole?
The 4 players that are picking up a title in Italy probably love him because they got out .
Does vdb love him does Jesse Jones rojo mata. i'm not sure they do.
In what way has ole improved us? He took over a team 2nd the precis season on 81 points and in 4 Cup final in previous 3 seasons.
So I only see disimprovement.

29 Apr 2021 14:59:10
losing david gill didn't help.

29 Apr 2021 15:06:27
Ken I think people see what they want to see sometimes tbh. I went through this very point yesterday and really believe that ole is not the right call among other issues. His "coaching staff" don't inspire confidence: Carrick naive as a coach, could have done with some time elsewhere, Mckenna, the fella seems more like a kit man and then phelan- negative as a dark night and absolutely no idea from the half way line forward. Oles cv doesn't warrant the position.

29 Apr 2021 15:20:25
ken if you can't see we have improved since ole has been manager then your more deluded than i think.

you make a note of how ole took over a team that finished 2nd the season before but that wasnt the same team he took over, so that point is irreverent your just clutching at nothing.

ole gets a lot of stick some rightly so and some is just not needed give credit where its due

if it wasnt for the inconsistency and having so many draws you would lauding ole.

the fact is we have improved since he took over its clear to see

we haven't lost an away game in the prem for how long? players have progressed and improved

the 4 players that are in italy were poor ken and no doubt you posted how poor they were at some point

we are on course for 2nd place another season in the UCL when was the last time we can say that?

and if the result goes our way we could be 1 foot in a final.

our away record is the best around and if we can be consistent at home with a few signings what's to say we can't challenge next season with this PE teacher

as for the dis-improvement comment your talking boloxy for me ken i'm sorry.

some of your posts and reply i enjoy reading but not this one and this isn't me having a dig so don't take it personal.

29 Apr 2021 15:33:43
i agree to a point funky but he's not doing that bad of a job is he.

29 Apr 2021 16:33:51
O don't take it personal bolger.
We simply have not improved.
The football is soul destroying to watch.
How is it not the same team that was 2nd bolger? Its pretty much the exact same team plus Fred grant and dalot that ole took over. Yes they were in a rut with jose gone mental but they were the same players. Ole got them out of the rut and in their relief of being free from jose and got appointed and to this day has not win anything or accumulated 81 points in a season.
But we have not improved to watch imo i'm rarely entertained. I prefer watching other teams from a pure football perspective.
I've not once said oles results are bad in the league. Our away results have been great. But our home form worst for 60 years. 7 nil all draws. I've come on here lots of times to say the style is effective but not enjoyable.

29 Apr 2021 16:42:06
Bolger 2 seasons in a row qualifying for cl under jose was last time we seen that. Short memory.
In 3 years before ole came we had 4 cup finals won 3. Since ole came we have won nothing and that's why I see it as disimproving so its not deluded bolger its not bollox.
In 3 years before ole came we won fa Cup league cup and el. Plus a fa cup final.
In 3 years with ole we have won nothing. Albeit I think he will break his duck in the el as we have the best team left in it by quite a distance.
Bolger tell me how you think ole has done better than jose and lvg to date?

29 Apr 2021 18:20:52
Bolger2 -I honestly think the guy is doing his best and would genuinely regard him as a decent guy. The results hide the quality and performances as well as the tactics. I think the coaching staff don't help and he lacks managerial experience at a big club. Opposers would probably argue that the previous 3 didn't do that well and rightly so, but they all had stand out reasons why they were wrong choices; moyes, not a big club manager who relied on fellaini and medicrity, LvG tactics from another dimension and JM, who was a winner but turned players against him and was abysmal to watch but we knew all this as a club.
ogs is possibly a better man manager but if he stays let's see after next season when fans will be back and var has had another year.

29 Apr 2021 22:36:58
My soul definitely feels destroyed tonight, I’m devastated with how we played in that 2nd half, first team to score 6 in a European semi final since 1964.

29 Apr 2021 22:56:59
Moyes was in charge for 10 months. He really isn’t to blame.

29 Apr 2021 23:53:19
Yes it benefits. Because we can reflect upon it to avoid making the same mistake.
Just as I said, if it was just months before retiring, SAF spoke with Pep and Conte then it is a big mistake. It should have been done at least a year ago. The transition was disastrous.
The transition from old to new management pretty much means that the one who called those shots was completely wrong so was the shots they called.
Moyes, whatever he did was all wrong. He changed the whole backroom staff just as you said, undermined the leaders in the team, couldn’t get a thing right in most of the matches and accepted a job which was simply too big for him.
Just because SAF said him to be the manager instead of asking does not mean Moyes had no choice. Clear thing is he was flattered by the offer and snapped the offer as quickly as he can.
His 10 months must be the biggest disaster in our premier league history.

30 Apr 2021 00:07:12
I think you are being too one sided here. I am not saying that Ole will win us titles but surely, he has improved this team a lot. If I had a choice of swapping him with Pep or Klopp, I would take it without any second thought but he is the one with us now and there is not much choice in the market and he hasn’t done a disastrous job to say it is fair to sack him.
We had almost never scored more than 4 goals (maybe twice) between SAF and Ole era. During Ole’s time we have done that many many times. If you look at post match conference from past year, all the players have spoken highly about him and came to defend him. Surely some players may have different opinion but if you look at the starting 11, all them look positive and extremely happy.
Only players I think might not be happy right now is probably VDB, Matic, Bailly (although he did sign a contract) and to be fair it won't be wrong. VDB wasn’t a player we needed in this summer but yet we signed him. This shows our transfer window was disaster and yet we are second.
Like you, I am not happy with our consecutive semi final loses but it going to end this season. I would say Europa league win is a must for Ole and if he wins, there is no argument that he must continue managing United for next season.

30 Apr 2021 00:39:20

That 10 months set us so back so much that we are still trying to get back from it.

Everything went south from that. He is exactly the person to blame but is not the only person. It is the board for appointing him, not investing in the team during SAF's last couple of season and not taking how seriously we needed a top class manager to carry on our legacy.

30 Apr 2021 07:56:14
Srestha. For every positive stat you name anyone can give you Negative. Oles like any united manager has to win trophy's if he does that he should keep his job.
I see improvement from last season but he is short of previous managers simply because he has won nowt. When he does he has earned the right to continue if he doesn't he should go. He brought us down lower than from when he took us over but winning the el and a decent league campaign will see him earn the right to go again next year. I've no faith in him bringing us to challenge but if he wins the el he has earned the right to try through success, not empty promises and endeavour.

30 Apr 2021 08:27:46
Srestra, While that 10 month period was a disaster, I don't think that alone can be blamed for where we are now.

Since then LvG took the club backwards, he sold players who knew what it meant to be winners with United. While he bought in mostly dross. The squad turn over during LvG's time is still having ramifications on the squad today.

After Louis came Jose, a man only focused on the short term, what he could win that season to further his own glory. Did didn't want to play young players who could be developed into top players down the line (it was that attitude that lead to Chelsea selling players like Salah and KdB) . He never accepts his own mistakes and instead throws the players under the bus, creating a negative and eventually toxic atmosphere around the club. While his preference for signing "older" players in their peak years meant that many of his signings are now no longer good enough to be first choice. Signing Zlatan stunted both Rashford and Martials development. Mkhitaryan and Sanchez are no longer at the club. Matic is on his last legs. None of these players had any long term value to the club.

So while the Moyes period didn't do us any favours, the reality is we are where we are right now because the club has bumbled from one big mistake to the next ever since Sir Alex and David Gill stepped aside.

28 Apr 2021 08:58:54
Watching game at weekend with a mate and conversation came up about players from smaller clubs who could improve our current team/ squad.
Left out the traditional big 6 teams.
Came up with following.
Bissouma, White (Brighton)
Grealish, Konsa (Villa)
Tarkowski (Burnely)
Rice (W Ham)
Raphina, Phillips (Leeds)
DCL (Everton)
Maddison, Fofana (Leicester)
Neves, Neto, Jiminez (Wolves)

Point is that doesn't always have to be big name from foreign clubs.

{Ed077's Note - Tarkowski? really? He isnt even the best CB at Burnley, Ben Mee is IMO.

Also no Wilfred Ndidi from Leicester? And Ricardo Pereira too.

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28 Apr 2021 09:38:25
Ndidi was mentioned. Forgot him.

28 Apr 2021 10:37:58
There are loads of great players at "smaller" EPL teams that would dramatically improve our team.

There does seem to be a snobbery from some fans about signing players from those clubs. They would prefer the fancy name from some continental club.

Yet many top teams success was built around signing the best players from our own league.

Obviously we signed players like Irwin, Keane, Yorke, Cole, Ferdinand, RVP and many others during our highly successful years under Sir Alex.

When Chelsea started to make that push at the start of the Abramovic years they signed many top players from the EPL. Players like Bridge, Glen Johnson, Geremi, Duff, Joe Cole, Parker, Ashley Cole, Wright-Phillips, and Cahill while not all going on to become key first teamers all were vital squad options. While Lampard was signed from West Ham before Roman bought the club.

Looking at City's squad and you see players like Walker, Sterling, Marhez, Stones, Ake and even KDB was a former EPL player at Chelsea before taking a detour to Germany before signing for City.

Liverpool's team contains Robertson who got relegated from the EPL with Hull. Gomez picked up from Charlton in the Championship. VvD, Lovern, Lallana and Mane all from Southampton, Milner from City on a free, Henderson from Sunderland, Wijnaldum from Newcastle, Shaqiri from Stoke, while Salah had a history with Chelsea before making his way to Anfield via Roma. Last summer they added Jota from Wolves.

Personally I think we should be looking at signing the best from our league outside of the top 6, who it will always be hard to sign players from.

There is something to be said that the best players for this league are already playing in this league.

29 Apr 2021 14:10:53
I'm confused shappy.
Over the last 3 months and that's all I've looked at you have suggested we sign 17 different players players that don't play in the epl. Are you contradicting yourself again? Or have you just changed your mind again? Or is it just you suffer from the typing version of verbal diarrohea?

29 Apr 2021 19:52:58
Ken, I'd love to see you name those 17 players😂

In an ideal world I'd love to see us sign players from the EPL.

But as we have seen with Maguire, AWB, VvD, Sterling etc that those sort of transfers tend to have a huge cost attached to them.

Also the ideal player for the team's needs doesn't always play in the EPL. So of course the club also needs to consider players from other leagues.

I just feel that you tend to see a much higher success rate when signing players from our own league.

25 Apr 2021 17:16:28
My personal opinion, you are welcome to your own. What I have seen in the last 12 months regarding our players is:

Henderson, there are not many keepers in the league better than him that would be obtainable, that's the same across Europe without spending a lot of money.

AWB, great defender if you had to defend the whole game. Probably why he looked so good before we got him. Not great at all going forwards.

Lindelof would be great as a back up, nothing more in my opinion.

Maguire, well where do you start, I wonder if he would be a better CDM as he can break up play and move the ball forward, when defending my heart is in my mouth waiting for his mistake.

Shaw, well most improved player in last 12 months and deserves his place above Telles.

Fred, is he actually a footballer?

Matic, legs gone and only worthy of a squad position at best.

McTominay, would he get in any other top 10 team? Not sure but puts in a shift.

Fernandes, well he is the best we have. How long before Madrid or Barcelona come calling and he wants to win the Champions League?

James, he should have gone to Leeds, would live to swap him and cash for either Raphina or Phillips.

Greenwood, his time will come, still young but will be a very good if not excellent player.

Rashford, he needs a break a a forward coach to tell him to stop shooting all the time. He shoots when others are better placed.

Not sure what to say about subs at the moment.

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25 Apr 2021 20:01:34
Ole will burn Rashford out instead of resting him. The kid needs a good rest and hasn't been managed properly. There have been games where Rashford and Bruno could have been rested.

Yer, again just one sub. Why not Cavani on earlier on?

25 Apr 2021 20:01:34
Ole will burn Rashford out instead of resting him. The kid needs a good rest and hasn't been managed properly. There have been games where Rashford and Bruno could have been rested.

Yer, again just one sub. Why not Cavani on earlier on?






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