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23 Oct 2020 00:15:55
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22 Oct 2020 23:42:51
is it a possibility of Luis Campos coming to our club as sporting director?

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22 Oct 2020 15:54:04
After seeing this season so far, I think we will beat Chelsea this weekend. The keeper situation is we have better 1st and 2nd choice. How many of a back 5 from Chelsea would you put into our 1st 11? Donny, Pogba and Bruno is as good as what they have and our front 2 is Rashfors, Cavani and Greenwood. Who would our posters swap from Chelsea into United?

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22 Oct 2020 16:13:05
Chelsea have a great squad, what they are struggling slightly with currently is blending all the new signings with the existing players. Which is a danger when you have a big turn over in playing staff.

Mendy looks a very good keeper, while Kepa is the most expensive keeper in history.

In James and Chilwell they have great fullbacks, while Azpiliqueta and Alonso provide experienced cover.

Midfield options of Kovacic, Jorginho, Kante, Mount and Gilmour are solid options.

With forward options of Abraham, Werner, Ziyech, Havertz, Pulisic and Hudson-Odoi are excellent options.

The only area I would say they are weak is at CB. Thiago Silva looks past his best and not suited to the quicker paced EPL at this stage in his career. Rudiger is decent, but injury prone. Zouma and Christensen haven't lived up to their potential sadly, while Tomori looks a talent, but needs a leader alongside him to coach him through games.

Other than CB they look solid all over the pitch.

That said, I still think we have enough to beat them if we get out tactics right and if our players turn up focused and driven.

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22 Oct 2020 18:29:02
Chelsea on paper have a terrifying attack.
We also have attackers who can make a difference with a moment of magic.
So it will be an exciting match that can go either way.

Picking the first XI will be a challenge for Ole as many squad players like Fred, McT, Mata have produced some good performances recently.

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22 Oct 2020 23:43:28
You can buy too many players, and then try to integrate them all and hope that it will work out, I think Chelsea may struggle this season to do a better placing than last, but who knows?

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22 Oct 2020 23:36:59
Their midfield is more dynamic than ours and defensively generally speaking they are as strong. In attack we are fairly equal too. So I think it's whose midfield turns up and down to tactics.

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22 Oct 2020 14:56:51
Troy Deeney on Fred:

"I think Fred, whenever you play against him, we certainly did it, you let him get it [the ball] as he has to take three or four touches, " "He doesn't know how to take one or two touches.

"Anyone who watches his game will notice he gets it [the ball] facing the wrong way, turns, turns, chops and gives you the ball.

"It is the truth. If anyone studies football you will know that. When they are sat in and they are waiting, you know that there is one person is the trigger, and it is him. "

I think deeney is spot on here, Fred is very good without the ball, pressing the ball, covering ground, winning the ball back. It explains why he performs so well when we sit back and play on the counter attack.

Can he learn to control a football properly and play one/ two touch? If so he could solve our missing piece in holding midfield and take over from the ageing matic.

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22 Oct 2020 15:23:40
Ed001 spotted this problem about Fred and pointed it out almost 2 years ago on this page. Kudos Ed!

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{Ed001's Note - cheers mate, I am not surprised he is used as the trigger for a press, I would certainly have recommended that the first time I saw him play.}

22 Oct 2020 15:55:41
Fred is like a 12 year old in an under 10 team. Can be smart and play the right ball, but knows that he has 10 more seconds against the opposition.

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22 Oct 2020 15:49:47
Could i be greedy and ask for a match review for the PSG United game Ed001?

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{Ed001's Note - I didn't watch it mate, or I would happily do one. I was busy doing the news review at the time as we were supposed to be recording the podcast later but then the podcast got delayed anyway.}

22 Oct 2020 21:49:33
Deeney is right but I don’t know why he needs to come out with it while he’s still playing himself.

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23 Oct 2020 00:11:51
fred just needs to say i play in the prem. were are you now and then show him his brazillian.

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22 Oct 2020 09:20:30
Interesting few games ahead now starting with Chelsea. Hoping we can pick up where we left off on Tuesday night.

Realistically, where would we like to see this team be placed come Christmas? What would everyone be happy with?

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22 Oct 2020 10:20:50
Angel I honestly couldn’t predict. This will be a strange season, if we can win our next 3 in the league which is a big ask I think we will be right up the league. This will be an interesting season with players dropping like flies to injuries or C.V.

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22 Oct 2020 12:20:22
First angel?

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22 Oct 2020 12:45:16
Top of the league!

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22 Oct 2020 13:20:54
If we can keep the intensity we showed on Tues night then top. The hard part though is keeping up that intensity on lesser occasions, that is where SAF was the master.

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22 Oct 2020 08:47:32
Been reading a lot of posts about how good our squad is, which is strange because only a few week ago it was all about how poor it it was and we needed 5 players to compete.

So has woodward and co done a good job after all building a squad?

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22 Oct 2020 10:02:55
Jred - a couple of decent results does not absolve the board of a disastrous transfer window and if we lose to Chelsea at the weekend we'll be plunged straight back into crisis mode once again.

As I've said on countless occasions Utd are always one game away from a crisis.

The big question for me is can Ole find a system that can bring some consistency and authority to our performances or will we spend another season jumping from one crisis to the next until he eventually finishes 4th or gets the sack.

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22 Oct 2020 10:09:32
Peoples opinions change with the wind. The end of November will show whether or not Utd are back and competing.

There was an noticeable improvement on Tuesday. The team played as a team. They looked comfortable. However I fully expect OGS to recall Maguire and revert to 4231.

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22 Oct 2020 10:15:12
I think this squad has potential. Many of our key players are still many years away from their peak.

Players like Henderson, AWB, Tuanzebe, Shaw, DvdB, McTominay, James, Martial and Rashford. Are all 23/ 24 or younger and at least 2-4 years away from their peak.

While we have some fantastic players in the next age bracket down in Mengi, Laird, Williams, Garner, Levitt, Mejbri, Pellistri, Chong, Traore and of course Greenwood. All of whom are 6-8 years away from their peaks.

If your looking at players in their peak years we have DDG, Lindelof, Maguire, Telles, Fred, Pogba and Fernandes. All of whom are 26-29.

While players like Mata, Matic and Cavani offer experience.

So we have some great young players who are a few years away. What we are maybe missing in one or two more players in their peak years. So it still feel like a team that is going to be great rather than one that is great right now. I think the good thing is that actually how many players we might need to bring in will depend on how many of those players from the youngest age group steps up and become top players.

While the club needs to move on players like Grant, Romero, Jones, Rojo, Bailly, Lingard, Andreas Pereira etc. All of whom are just blocking the youngest group of players.

It's a decent squad on paper, and one with huge potential. It's all about moving those on that aren't required, and getting the most out of the young player, helping them fulfill their potential.

I'm quite positive moving forward, our club has only ever been successful when there has been a large proportion of academy graduates in the first team. So I look at the likes of Henderson, Laird, Williams, Tuanzebe, Mengi, McTominay, Garner, Levitt, Rashford and Greenwood and I see ten players who if they all reach their potential could be key players in our team for the next decade.

While the club has spent a fortune in bringing in new players to our academy over the past couple of summers. Meaning that there is a hot bed of young talent just a few years younger who could match or surpass those youngster.

I think there is a lot to look forward to with this squad, and if managed correctly we could have the seeds already sown for the next dynasty.

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{Ed025's Note - you make some good points there ken....i mean shappy.. :)

22 Oct 2020 10:52:01
Its almost like we are building a squad. Which takes time and patience.

Is there an argument that we have been fairly consistent for a number of months now?
I think we have done well since the turn of the year really .

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22 Oct 2020 12:46:43
All we need now Jred is a manager that knows what to do with it.

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22 Oct 2020 13:07:12
Jred - Results definitely improved once Fernandes signed but we can't ignore that we fell short in both the FA and Europa Cup semi finals.

We needed a big summer to kick on and improve but we didn't strengthen in the right areas. I think it can be argued that we didn't sign a single player that significantly improves the starting 11. Whether Telles starts over Shaw remains to be seen and there doesn't appear to be a plan for VdB other than deputy to Fernandes. The two youngsters obviously aren't ready and Cavani doesn't strike me as a player that significantly improves our starting 11 due to his age and injury record. Other teams have invested which makes the window even more frustrating and our position precarious and uncertain.

That being said we still have some very good players and if Ole can find a system that is able to get the best out of them then maybe he can still make the most out of an underwhelming situation.

I think Ole must find the balance between defensive solidarity and attacking intent. Fred and Mctominay have added energy, mobility and industry to the midfield which has stiffened the defence and given a platform for our attacking players to perform. How long Ole can resist picking Pogba remains to be seen but he clearly doesn't work as an holding midfielder.

I like the look of a midfield diamond which I think could be used for the majority of the games which gives us both defensive security and enables us to get most of our best midfielders on the pitch at the same time which is our strength in my opinion.

In the bigger games I think we could revert to a back three and look to play on the counter which has proven to be really effective.

Ole clearly has plenty of options and if he can choose the correct one for the right games we could even surprise ourselves. Let's wait and see it's been a fantastic start to a really challenging period and if you had asked me during the international break I'd have said Ole was under real pressure. The last two games have given us some much needed confidence and Ole has made the correct decisions let's hope it lasts!

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22 Oct 2020 13:31:24
Spot on manc man.

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22 Oct 2020 13:40:45
2 semi finals is still only 2 games. The Chelsea game was poor but I though we played well against sevilla just one of them nights . That's cup football .
Do we need to significantly improve the first 11? I'm not sure, I think our first 11 can beat anyone but we have looked a bit light on the bench . I think we needed to improve the squad more than the first 11 imo.

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22 Oct 2020 14:11:18
Jred - it's two very important games though and games you need to win if you want to win trophies.

I think we're talking at cross purposes pal because if we want to compete with the likes of Liverpool, City dare I say Bayern then yes we really do need to improve the starting 11.

If we are content on finishing in the top 4 every season then we might just be ok but I certainly wouldn't bet my mortgage on it.

Anyway I've really enjoyed the last couple of games and long may it continue. Let's see where we are after this very tough run of fixtures mate.

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22 Oct 2020 14:29:42
Dlib get on the script. We ignore losses completely and we ignore boring play and we ignore recent league losses and pick a time frame where stats can back up our thought process.

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22 Oct 2020 14:59:34
Lol it was 2 games I would argue that the Leicester game which confirmed our CL status was a bigger game than either of the semi finals .
But again that is just one game so we should maybe look at the season as a whole. We finished 3rd and reached 2 semi finals .

Good look closing the gap and passing the scouse in one transfer window during thd C.V. C.V.
I personally think you need to build a squad and it takes time.
And as you havd said built up the squad.

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22 Oct 2020 17:37:47
This was a great squad last year. Now we need to build 😂.

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22 Oct 2020 18:21:44
Angle its a decent squad last season i'm not sure I would of said great . But each to their own.

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Review Of The Day 22nd October 2020

22 Oct 2020 08:48:33
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 22nd October 2020

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22 Oct 2020 15:24:59
I have 2 questions,
1. What is people's opinion on letting fans back into stadiums?
2. Ed001 what do you make of this Ozil Saga? Can it be likened to Romero at Utd?

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{Ed001's Note - Ozil is a bit different, it is an issue between him and Edu, rather than they have two better players in his position. This is a guy who gives away over half of his salary to charity and wouldn't give up his salary because of it, unless the club agreed not to make the planned redundancies. This is just a club being an arse because he wanted them to treat low paid workers with respect and now they are being spiteful. Arteta can say what he wants publicly, but when Ozil was available for him to pick, he picked him for every game. He is the best they have at creativity by a mile. Romero, on the other hand, is the third best keeper and they just made a mistake not selling him in the summer.}

22 Oct 2020 15:41:05
I didn't know that about Edu and Ozil, makes Ozil appear more like Robinhood. Shame on Edu and his cohorts!

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21 Oct 2020 20:24:57
It's not looking good for our team selection this weekend, after AWB and Axel Tuanzebe were arrested at Paris airport after being found with €300m in their pockets.

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21 Oct 2020 22:12:37
Love it.

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21 Oct 2020 22:13:33
Let's get some perspective, PSG were absolutely awful. Strange that some people on here are calling for Tuchel as a replacement for Ole. Is he more tactically aware, it didn't look like that to me. Have his players given up on him? If you earn 20 times more than the boss, do you give a ****, unless you do something worthy of a youtube reel?

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21 Oct 2020 22:28:08
Someone called the fun police?

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21 Oct 2020 22:43:02
No Nicanlee, we were very good.

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21 Oct 2020 23:03:08
Bet you’re fun at parties nican.

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21 Oct 2020 17:56:47
Still chuffed by the result yesterday. Hopefully this United will turn up again over the weekend. A question though - with Martial suspended, do we see Cavani start or will it be Greenwood? Or would Ole change the formation. I hope to see Cavani and the same formation. Chelsea struggle to keep out goals so we can get at them. But the same was true in the FA cup QF last season but we decided to stay at home that day rather than on the pitch.

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21 Oct 2020 19:06:06
Martial suspended is a blessing in disguise.

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21 Oct 2020 19:57:38
Not sure if there is an issue with Greenwood or if it is press talk, I have been told from a good source he is rather over confident, or more accurately a big time Charlie. Whatever, I’d love to see Cavani, the man is a beast if he is fit, hell Scare the pants off most teams.

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21 Oct 2020 20:44:41
I was talking to someone yesterday AJH that said greenwood has been late to training twice and been late for 2 team meetings. I've had been acting as out of line with his previous character. I hope its not true and that he remains grounded.
I agree on cavani. I hope he stays fit and scores goals. I hope he is not zlatan than bastian or more Larsson than sanchez.

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21 Oct 2020 21:33:51

We have needed something different up front and Cavani provides it.

Will be interested to see him in action.

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21 Oct 2020 22:48:38
Cavani might score a few headers, we don't have that threat from our current forwards. Pogba is a decent header of the ball too if he was to get in the box with a more forward role.

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21 Oct 2020 23:27:14
We have signed a player that can head it and a full back who can cross, fingers crossed that works. I think we will continue with 3 at the back at the weekend.

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22 Oct 2020 00:31:45
We have been playing without a cf in the box for too long imo. I hope his movement will encourage and demand more crosses. Too often we get it wide and have nobody to hit and end up turning back inside.
Playing 2 up from the 4 available looks exciting as they are all comfortable running the channel or with their back to goal. On pallet there looks to be good combinations with any of the 4 assuming ighalo goes in a few weeks time
Dare i say its the best front 4 we have had for many years.
We have 2 games every week pretty much till the end of the season so even with the odd injury ole should be able to keep them fresh. Its not easy judging the combinations and when not to disrupt a rhythm. But hopefully it will present him with good problems. It will require great patience, attitude and tolerance from the 4 knowing that there is a chance they will miss out on big games.
The same can be said for our midfield. In that 3 5 2 formation.
Any 3 from pogba bruno mata dvdb fred matic mctom. Finding the right combinations in the right games is the job he faces.
Bruno i think its fair to say will play most after that its really any 2 from 5 matic fred mctom Pogba dvdb. So again playing 2 games a week and allowing for injuries there looks too be good options for any set of circumstances if they all realise they will miss out on big games. Mata i see having a big role to play off the bench or in cup games. Jesse looks to be too far down for regular football.
Even in a 433 those midfield irons are the same. Imo oles tougher challenge is getting that blend in midfield right to make the team tick.
In this 352 ole has great options but has a couple of frailties at the back to be ideal. Awb / Williams at rwb. Telles / shaw / Williams at lwb. Those look solid options.
Any 3 cb from axel Maguire shaw lindelof bailly rojo . Shaw does well as a lcb. Harry and lindelof need competition from a fit axel and bailly. You don't want to be rotating your back 3 as often as the rest.
The frailties are delivery from rwb. This can be worked on.
And injury prone cbs. we just need to hope they stay fit.
Keepers. Its hard to believe we have an even better no 2 than we had last season.
Moving beteeen a 352 and 433 or 442 those player buckets remain pretty much the same.
Good looking squad in that 352 shape. But can easily core moving to 4 at the back. Great flexibility in it.
On paper I don't think there is any other squad in the league with as much strength in depth.
Ole has shaped a good squad in the main. Just needs to get the blend right. The potential is there to compete to win any of the trophy s in this crazy season. If ole gets the best out of this squad we will be competing to win the big prizes and that's all any of us want to see.

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{Ed025's Note - good post that shappy....sorry i mean ken.. :)

22 Oct 2020 06:12:56
I’d play the same team but have Maguire instead of Lindelof, Pogba for mctominay and Cavani for martial. Would have started greenwood but just think Telles’ crosses are perfect for Cavani and against Chelsea’s broken defence.

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{Ed025's Note - thats hardly the same team though mate..

22 Oct 2020 08:07:36
Ed why you got to destroy my post like that 😂.

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{Ed025's Note - sorry mate, its just going back to my childhood when i used to pull the wings off flies.. :)

22 Oct 2020 08:53:11
Haha nice one Ed025. I was so sure it was a Shappy post before i saw the name. Ken i think you gave away your second login name by that post. You are Shappy in disguise😂😂😂.

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{Ed025's Note - i think we have rumbled him shan.. :)

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