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07 May 2021 21:22:48
Leicester couldn't bottle it 2 years on the bounce could they? 🤔.

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07 May 2021 22:31:53
What with Brendan "bottle it" Rodgers at the helm? 🤣.

08 May 2021 07:20:34
Last three fixtures are against us chelsea and tottenham. Dropping 5 points against southampton and newcastle is a pooor effort, won't be surprised if they bottle it now.

Shows how big a miss jonny evans is, that defence looked all over the place with no leadership.

07 May 2021 16:48:39
What I wouldn't give to have cavani in his prime! What an absolute baller. Oh and I hope he signs for another year so I can get to enjoy watching him live!

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07 May 2021 17:57:06
One of this players that to me has all the hallmarks of what i want to see in a Manchester United player.
He would thrive at a full OT and be a real cult hero. Fans respond to players that bust their ass to win.

08 May 2021 02:22:20
Big red,

I’ve said this all season I am desperate to watch him live, his movement is unbelievable, I can’t wait.

08 May 2021 09:54:28
Cavani has a winners aggressive attitude, a bit like Rooney. His movement is very intelligent, I hope it educates our young forwards, not just the first team ones but the 17 year old lad we signed after scoring 600 goals for City.

08 May 2021 14:58:15
I loved how he protected Greenwood, straight in there, snarling, looking after his team mate, what a bloke.

07 May 2021 16:43:18
Fixture pile up gives opportunities to see a few players for the 1st time and maybe a few for the last time.
I'm stating it here and now that ole gets a pass from me for all team selections for the next 3 games. The only caveat to that is there is no excuse to overplay anybody or play anybody not 100% fit.
He has been dealt an impossible hand so we are likely to see a few odd looking teams. Best of luck to them all its a very tough schedule.

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08 May 2021 08:04:49
I expect to see more of Donny, Telles, Amad, Brandon and Tuanzebe.

08 May 2021 08:42:44
I wouldn’t like to see Tuanzebe. Very nervous whenever he plays. Hasn’t seemed to kick on from his loan at villa. Think we’ll see him leave in the summer.

08 May 2021 09:59:59

Agreed Ole needs to be sensible and not overplay people. However, I want to beat Liverpool, because it’s Liverpool and to make it harder for their top four aspirations. It is another opportunity to give some young players time on the pitch, like Diallo and if fit the Megbri type of players as well. Focus needs to be ensure top four and win the cup.

One point about resting players though, that does not always work to keep them fresh for finals, they need to keep their edge.

08 May 2021 12:28:31
Tuanzebe was brilliant against PSG.

But a lakcknof game time has affected his confidence. You can respect a player to come in after not playing for months and do well.

A lack of squad rotation hasn't helped.

08 May 2021 14:58:51
I agree Red Man, but if he rests players against Leicester, the rest will still be playing every 4 days. It’s madness.

07 May 2021 15:55:10
Ole is clearly unhappy with the scheduling of the postponed Liverpool game.

Now I know few other fans will have sympathy for us and will say the United fans have brought this on the club by causing the game to be postponed.

Yet still at what point does the footballing authorities accept they themselves have a duty of care to the footballers who enable everyone connected with football to earnt he money they do.

I don't know how the rest of you feel, but for me the only game left this season worth playing is the Europa league final. We could lose all our remaining league games and finish 5th and it wouldn't matter as long as we win the Europa League.

Personally I think it's highly unlikely that we will finish outside of the top four regardless.

So personally as a form of protest I would love it if for the games against Villa, Leicester and Liverpool we sent out the under 23's and gave the first team a proper rest ahead of the Europa League final. Give them a week off and let them recharge their batteries.

We would still have the final two games against Wolves and Fulham where we could play some or all the first team to keep them sharp ahead of the EL final, and to grab a few more points to guarantee top four if we need it.

For the EPL its all about making money from TV revenue, well then I wonder how big a global audience our under 23's would pull in.

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07 May 2021 17:13:24
Shappy i think that would be a childish unprofessional and punishable response and no need for it.
Williams bailly tuanzebe telles
Vdb mata
James greenwood diallo
None of those are likely to start in the final if all are fit.
We may see the likes of grant shortire elanga hannibal get a run out.
I agree its a chance for a few to take a break. Ole has loads of options without trying to be childish about it.

07 May 2021 17:22:05
I can't agree on Liverpool game, we need to make it difficult for them, take those points away, take the CL away! That could mean a lot next season.

07 May 2021 19:51:06
Yh pretty pointless to protest in that way.

Villa on the sunday and liverpool on the thursday are completely reasonable fixture dates.

Leicester sandwiched in between on the tuesday is patently ridiculous and that's the game we should make wholesale changes and give our starting XI the night off.

07 May 2021 20:21:49
I think we should play as many English players as possible and do them no favours ahead of the Euros and start push the players to withdraw for future friendlies if they are jaded.

It's a disgusting thing to do by the FA, I hope no one gets injured and I hope the protests get another one or two called off too.

I'd play weakened teams in all the games bar Liverpool and the final now.

07 May 2021 21:02:55
Leicester loss this evening and then we only have to beat them to get top 4.

08 May 2021 08:54:09
Go all out to secure top 3 - then rest anyone we can before the final. We don't want 4th to avoid a qualifying round of ECL. Leicester made our task easier last nite and will definately be looking at the cup game so again there for the taking imo.

08 May 2021 09:17:27
He’ll go for the win against Villa and set up not to lose against Leicester and Liverpool. Get 4 points from these 3 games and I think we are sorted for second place.

08 May 2021 09:38:44

Fairly sure there is no qualifying round for champions league for 4th place anymore.

08 May 2021 12:12:10
GDS2 cheers fella- thought there was but everything a bit of a muddle this last year. At least that's one headache not to worry about atm for the fans.

07 May 2021 09:35:56
As far as spooky omens go, United will play the EL final on Sir Matt Busby's birthday.

The only other time United played in a European cup final on Sir Matt's birthday was in 1999 when currently Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scored a dramatic last minute winner.

I'm off to the bookies to place a bet on Ole subbing himself on for the final 10 minutes and scoring the winner 🤣.

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07 May 2021 11:05:18
He only makes attacking subs in the 89th minute Shappy.

07 May 2021 12:33:11
I thought that was one of the worst performances i have seen since Ole has been in charge. Every part of out play was sloppy last night, defensively we are all over the place and Roma could have scored 10.
Just as Ole starts to get a tune out of Pogba playing in a forward left midfield position he drops him back in to a defensive midfield position and drops Mctominay. Pogba cannot play there, he constantly looses possession and cannot do a defensive job. Why can Ole not see that his best position is further up the pitch coming in from the left.
The only three players that came out with any credit from last night were De Gea, Bruno and Cavani who was brilliant AGAIN. the rest were a pile of sh*t.

07 May 2021 13:10:49
the game was already won he rotated and changed it about

we went threw

anything to slag the guy off.

he made changes at halt time which effected the game, the full backs were shocking in the 2nd half

if professional players can't defend that is on them not the manager.

07 May 2021 14:11:54
If only Cavani was the same age as Harry Kane. His performances of late have been really showing us how much we have been lacking a true number 9. It also shows us how bad Martial is in that role.

Bruno has been excellent as well, yes he hasn't been scoring like he was at the start of the season, but he understands Cavani and the two of them together are forming a great partnership.

DDG for me yesterday was also fantastic, I know a lot of people on this site are pro Henderson but for me he is still the the best goalkeeper at the club.

07 May 2021 14:25:27

Got to be kidding haha.

07 May 2021 14:41:50
Bolger, the coaches are responsible to drill the team as a defensive unit.
The decision to play VDB on Left Wing and Pogba in double pivot was shocking .

Pogba has been playing really well at LW, why unnecessarily put him into the holding role when we all know that defensively he is a liability.
Donny along with Fred would have been the obvious choice.

07 May 2021 17:39:37
Maybe he was trying something different, we know Pogba can play in the position donny played but we have 4 games in 8 days coming up. Last night was a tie we had already won, I don't see an issue with it.

07 May 2021 23:50:35
if we win let us see if he celabrates. and tells the players to give there medals away. as trophys are for egos.

07 May 2021 07:39:03
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Football Comparisons 9 - Mane v Hazard v Sterling

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07 May 2021 00:05:19
Ole in!

, He chose a strong team and seamed to learn from his mistakes. Even in the game he made strong choices.

If we finish 2nd and win Europa is that a successful Season?

Also Cavani, Bruno and Pogba are world class if you have 3 players world class in your team all it takes next season is a couple of right signings and anything can happen.

I love this United team and 2 years ago I didn't like 1 player and now I love the team and obviously our BRUNO.

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07 May 2021 06:01:19
That was a lethargic performance. Its like players were in energy saving mode for upcoming fixtures.

07 May 2021 08:30:39
Burnley red,

Did that loss go to your head?

07 May 2021 08:53:30
Shaw was abysmal by his recent standards. Good job Cavani got us a couple or it might have been a different story but job done;now to villareal, a pretty difficult outfit to play.

07 May 2021 09:05:34
2nd in the league is an obvious improvement and we have played much better than last season in my opinion domestically so i would say it is a relative success. I think if you polled most fans and said we would finish second they would have taken it considering city and liverpool were so good.

Europa league is a funny one, now were in it, winning it would constitute a successful season. But at the start of the season if you asked me what would constitute a successful campaign in europe i wouldn't have said winning the europa league as it would mean we failed in the champions league which we did, in fact we capitulated in leipzig which is a big black mark against this season for me.

On the last point i would definitely agree, this is the team I've most liked and enjoyed watching (albeit that's a low bar) in the post fergie era and the most positive I've felt as a supporter post ferguson.

07 May 2021 12:15:55
Bruno has it right it was a good interview and winning the el shoes improvement on last year because we won nothing last year. Its not enough but it will be a start. Winning nothing shows no improvement season on season as its all about winning titles for him.
I'm glad to see that is his thought process i'm not surprised by it. We need all players and staff thinking along those lines and sending those messages to the fans.

06 May 2021 23:50:46
I think we have a difficult two weeks ahead of us. The players must be tired and with so many games to fit in til the season ends I am not so sure we will finish 2nd. We might even struggle for top four.

I can see Villa and Leicester who are powerful running teams will both be fresher than us. Liverpool will be hell bent on beating us. I.

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07 May 2021 06:08:37
We have to rest players, top 4 is pretty secure, let's not obsessed about finishing 2nd, we need to be fit and ready for the final.

07 May 2021 08:42:06
we beat villa weekend we secure top UCL football for next season.

07 May 2021 09:08:14
I would go strongest 11 vs villa and liverpool as they are reasonably spaced out fixtures. Bruno, maguire, awb, shaw, rashford etc.

The game against leicester on tuesday we should rotate fully and play a completely different 11. Telles, donny, bailly, matic, ddg etc.

That seems the most logical option to me as the turnaround between tuesday and thursday is the shortest in terms of recovery.

07 May 2021 10:40:31
Don't forget Leicester have their FA Cup Final next weekend so players will have 1 eye on that and potentially not want to risk injury and missing out. Rogers may even risk resting a couple of their players for the final.

07 May 2021 12:17:28
That's a good point ports. They are not quite assured of cl football but should get over the line.

07 May 2021 14:28:39

We need 3 points from 5 games to get top 4, I don’t think you need to worry.


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