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13 Jun 2022 22:16:36
Apparently Inter are close to signing a new RB. Perhaps Big V’s rumour regarding Dumfries has some legs.


1.) 14 Jun 2022 07:16:48
I hope Dumfries has some legs, he'll struggle as a footballer without them.

Although judging United on their recent transfer activity I wouldn't put it past them to sign a player with no legs. We signed Maguire and he has mobility issues.

2.) 14 Jun 2022 08:11:07
He’d still turn quicker and be faster than Maguire.

3.) 14 Jun 2022 09:05:18
Probably my first choice RB option, if we're looking.

4.) 14 Jun 2022 09:41:26
If the 26 million fee is to be believed that would be a fair bargain in my eyes. His level is way above AWB.

5.) 14 Jun 2022 14:23:20
Dear Baby Jesus. Please make this one be true! Pints all around for Big V I'm sure if United sign Dumfries. Quality addition to the right flank.



21 Mar 2022 12:13:45
Hoping the rumours of Paul Mitchell leaving Monaco and United being front runners for him are true, would start to resemble some degree of Football intellect behind the scenes if he does come in alongside Rangnick moving upstairs.


1.) 21 Mar 2022 13:23:18
that sounds like a good thing to do ports, so will likely not happen.

the owners don't want footballing people running there cash cow.

2.) 21 Mar 2022 13:41:40
Rangnick won't be doing anything at best he will be given a nothing consultancy job
Possibility for Mitchell to do job working alongside Poch, neither will have Rangnick beside them nor should they.

3.) 21 Mar 2022 13:45:51

In so many ways he's perfect. Not just a top class operator, but a guy whose family are from Manchester so he should be able to settle in well. Is supposedly a United fan, which helps with fan relations. Plus his record of finding players and bringing them in is truly elite.

If we are looking to hire someone like EtH who has never had a strong influence on transfers, then we need someone like Mitchell sorting them out and giving the squad some direction and identity in terms on incoming players.

Maybe it's hope, but it kind of looks like several pieces are all falling into place.

4.) 21 Mar 2022 14:05:22
More chance Mitchell works again alongside Poch then TH

TH to much of a gamble in my opinion not only won nothing never managed a big club or big ego’s could turn out another RR which would be disastrous for club

Everyone is a gamble but you try to limit your exposure to being too much of a gamble and TH would be that along with Potter.

5.) 21 Mar 2022 15:16:00
poch is just as much a gamble as TH, he's won nothing and his teams are known for being bottlers.

it all depends on whos running the footballing sides for me, if nothing changes then we will be in the same boat every few years.

6.) 21 Mar 2022 15:22:34
I don't think that's true at all bolger.

7.) 21 Mar 2022 17:24:15
My problem with potch is he feels like a negative addition at the moment. I advocated for him before the downfall at spurs, but i'm not sure someone whos just struggled with one club in a bit of a mess moving to another club in a complete mess would help.

I like ten hag because the feeling he brings in would be a positive one his career is in a positive moment and on the up. This is something none of the managers we've appointed after SAF have had. The best were possibly moyes who had done a good job at everton and van gaal who had done a good job but with a national team.

But let's face it the club needs a clear out a lot of the players don't want to be there and some have been treated terribly to keep them there. Look what letting Aubameygang leave has done for Arsenal, we could easily have allowed Lingard maybe even Pogba go in January and used young players like Mejbri and Elanga we could have even brought Garner back from loan.

The club needs to start realising the players aren't just pieces on a chess board they are people and the things we do to these people are being passed on to everyone else in football. Keeping players when they want to leave is ridiculous and why people shouting i wouldn't allow pogba/ lingard/ mata in the first team just doesn't work, they are stuck there because of the club they want to leave. Imagine this is why ed002 says we aren't a "progressive club" and why a lot of the more highly rated players would pick other transfers over a transfer to united.

8.) 21 Mar 2022 18:18:16
Dbrooks, that's actually a really interesting and good point. Momentum does have a huge baring in football. Sign a player in the ascendancy and they can drag those around them up with them, sign a player on the decline and they can drag those around them down.

It's like that line Varys says to Tyrion in GoT, "Power resides where men believe it resides".

If players think they are getting an up and coming manager who is going places how does that impact their mentality compared to getting a manager who has perceived to have failed and could be stagnating/ declining?

Same thing with fans for that matter.

I'm not saying it's the only factor to consider, but it's actually a really interesting and potentially important one.

9.) 21 Mar 2022 18:33:01
I like either of them ken, but both have won nothing of note that sticks out and makes you think yeah this manager is the way forward,

TH, let's face it, with ajax budget compared to the rest they should be winning the title, but his teams play nice football, attacking and always on the front foot, he has shown in europe beating the likes of madrid and dormund.

But then again you expect them to beat benfica and they dont.

And we can't really look at what TH has done previous as he's not managed anyone of note and done amazing things

Poch and psg should walk that french title and with there squad they should be in the UCL semis or final but they are bottlers which we have seen long b4 poch was there.

We can compare poch to what he done at southampton and spurs and the fact he knows the prem and has taken spurs to the UCl final with a small budget challenged for the title so prob makes him the slight fav.

Each have there own pros and cons.

Whoever it is i think we can all agree time is what's needed.

But at united you don't get time, its either top 4 or your gone.

But the culture at the club needs ti be changed, player power cannot rule the roost, the manager should and needs to have full control.

Players need to be bought that fit the philosophy of the manager what style he wants players should fit that style, not just bought because they will sell shirts and are a big name.

I will get behind who ever the manager is but they will not succeed unless the structure above is right.

Hopefully when ralf gives his report in june the club listen and get rid of the players his suggests and they listen to what he has to say otherwise in 12-18 months if its poch or ten hag, they will be getting the boot aswell.

10.) 21 Mar 2022 18:59:46
Good post mate.
I'm much the same in my view. I don't think psg being flakes is anything to do with poch. They don't play enough big games that is the issue there imo. Bayern suffer like that too to a lesser extent.
Ppch will be on the up after securing his 1st league title. For those that argue they should win the title is the exact same for ajax.
Eth teams don't always play great football. His ajax team do but they have done that there for 60 years he didn't do that.
Is he going to implement an ajax style here? With Fred mctom ronaldo maguire awb etc. No chance.
Poch has more epl experience but also has question marks.
I just can't wait to see someone get rid of the smell of ole and the players, attitudes, standards he left behind him.

11.) 21 Mar 2022 19:48:53
Ken i don't see winning the title at ajax as similar to winning it at psg since 16/ 17 psg have walked the league about 10 points per season over rivals until last year. Potch picked up psg 1 point behind lyon and lille on 36 points they ended the league on 82 points 1 behind lille on 83 points. In the same time ajax won it 3 times once on goal difference to az alkmaar only once did they win it by a large margin which was last year, this year they are being pushed with 7 games left they are on 66 points 2 ahead of psv. Psg are again walking the league this year 12 points clear with 5 games left.

My point being you think ajax walk the dutch league but its not true, in fact its psg who walk the french league year after year (im not blaming potch for last year) .

The other positive is that ten hag has had to build multiple teams after losing players if you want to move on players who are ego over the team you need a manager who can build teams ten hag has shown this potch hasnt.

12.) 21 Mar 2022 21:58:36
Phil Mitchell maybe, giving your recent transfer business ?.

13.) 21 Mar 2022 23:04:29
Paul Mitchell, is he the guy who does Pogba's hair?

14.) 22 Mar 2022 10:28:30
The problem Poch has at PSG is he plays with 8 men every week because 90% of the time Messi, Mbappe and Neymar can rarely be ar*ed chasing back in to there own half.
I watched the PSG match against Madrid and the performances from the three of them once Madrid there first goal was rotten.
All three of them stood there sulking, moping about whilst the other 8 players defended for there life.
I can't stand the three of them.

15.) 22 Mar 2022 11:01:33
in a way sim is that not the managers job to get those 3 players working hard?

you can't have passengers in a team.

16.) 22 Mar 2022 11:10:09
So united should get a manager who can't get sulking players to put the effort in?

Isnt this exactly our current problem!?

I would imagine this is also in part due to the set up upstairs at psg its a good job united have a good structure in place.

17.) 22 Mar 2022 12:48:40
Bolger - the three of them have so much influence in that PSG team that one wrong word from Poch would probably get him fired.

Dbrooks90 - i never said i wanted Poch as the next United manager, i was merely pointing out that Messi, Mbappe and Neymar are a bunch of whinging babies and it must be hard for Posh to bite his tongue at times.

18.) 22 Mar 2022 13:53:01
if he can't get 3 players at psg to chase back and work had how will he get on with the 5 or 6 lazy arses we have?

19.) 22 Mar 2022 15:02:07
Football today players like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and Mbappe do what they want when they want, it doesn't matter who is in charge.

20.) 22 Mar 2022 19:03:00
Ten hag not won anything or managed a big club? Huh. Ajax is a massive club, and last time I look Eric has won quite a bit lately. It's not a gamble, it's a step in a possible right direction for once.



25 Jan 2022 16:01:51
So, we’re rid of Martial until end of season but summer, going to have the same issue getting rid of him. Why didn’t we put a option to buy or obligation to make it permanent?


{Ed002's Note - Then he would not have moved.}

1.) 25 Jan 2022 16:19:59
So he would like to see who the next manager is and if he is in their plans I imagine?

2.) 25 Jan 2022 16:28:48
Yeah I appreciate Seville probably didn’t want one. I’m just fed up he’s coming back in the summer ?.

3.) 25 Jan 2022 19:34:29
Decent move all round this. He gets game time,
And if he impresses, which I think he will as he’s motivated, he’ll have a line of suitors - maybe including our new manager.

4.) 25 Jan 2022 23:09:00
Poch is an known admirer.
If he comes back and performs every week then he will be accepted as one of our own. But if he comes back with more of the same then he will be sold in sure.

5.) 26 Jan 2022 09:20:47
Hopefully he does well and that drums up some interest in him for the summer.

6.) 26 Jan 2022 11:53:38
A fit and not motivated Martial is a great asset to the team. Let’s see what happens in the summer and who is brought in to manage. (Albeit we all know it’s Poch)

7.) 26 Jan 2022 20:11:52
Martial and VDB out on loan is a good move. Gives Poch (probably) a view to see how they do, or it will make it easier to move and replace in summer.

8.) 26 Jan 2022 20:20:38
Martial was only an asset to the team in his first season Eric. All downhill from there, sulking, lack of form and even refusal to play. Don't make out like things could change overnight, he's an overpaid, overrated twat.

9.) 27 Jan 2022 08:26:04
But how do you really feel about him RW?



13 Jul 2021 18:00:20
Couple of rumours about United putting in a bid for Moriba from Barca. Don’t know much about him, seems he’s stalling on a contract at Barcelona and I guess with their current rumoured financial situation then this may have some legs. Anyone know much about him?


{Ed002's Note - Ilaix Moriba (CM) Barcelona fended off interest from Chelsea when he was 16 and the sustained recent interest of RBL who offered a structured career growth option when he turned 18 in January by explaining they would sell if his €100M release clause was met. He is playing in Spain, and for Spain, initially under the Cotonou Agreement. I am not aware of any offer from Manchester United nor any idea what they would try to do with him but they and others have sent scouts to watch him.}



09 May 2019 17:55:31
This Director of Football rumour mill is just another example of the absolute shambles we have going on internally at the club.
We were linked with some experienced, proven DoF such as the fella's from Roma and Juve, Van Der Saar, Luis Campos who done exciting things at Monaco, even an internal appointment like Marcel Bout but now I have read Rio's name and Fletcher's name. The mind boggles.

Personally I am still happy with Solskjaer, it is so easy to say we should have gone for Poch now they are in the final however, recent form in the Premier League seems to be forgotten. I like the way Ole has been conducting himself, I like the what he has been saying. People seem to forget that this is still not his team, he was brought in to steady the ship and he overachieved in this and suddenly people get carried away and think we are fixed. We are not, there are to many ego's in the team and to many incompetent individuals internally driving the club.

If we get the wrong appointment of a DoF then no manager, Pep, Poch, even the great SAF will have problems to turn this ship around. The otherside of it is if we get the right person for DoF, will they be given the autonomy for the rebuilding of the football club. My fear is not but either way we need a strong minded, proven DoF, otherwise it doesn't matter who is the gaffer, we will just fall further and further behind the 5 teams above us and more worryingly 3 or 4 clubs below us.


1.) 09 May 2019 18:15:40
Here here.

2.) 09 May 2019 18:20:23
Unfortunately Ports we have been liked with many highly qualified people as potential DoF, Luis Campos, Fabio Paratici, Monchi, Andrea Berta, Ralf Rangnick, Michael Zorc and Edwin van der Sar. As well as potential options who have never performed the role but could maybe step up such as Paul Mitchell or our own Marcel Bout.

Now we are being linked with Rio Ferdinand, Darren Fletcher, Paul Scholes and Patrice Evra. All good players for us, but none have held a similar role.

For me this indicates that this DoF or Technical director role won't change much if anything about how the club is being run. We have approached the best and none want it. What does that tell you? Now we are looking at ex-players with no experience. This to me suggests that what we are looking for isn't someone to come in and change things and shake things up, but someone to come in and act as a buffer between the people currently running things and the fans. Someone else to blame when it all goes wrong. Someone to do the boring day to day jobs maybe that the current people running things maybe see as beneath them or a hassle. While the big key important decisions will still be made by the same people who have been ballsing them up for the last 6 years.

{Ed025's Note - i think your right there shappy..

3.) 09 May 2019 20:39:06
Good post Shappy and that's why the club ain't going anywhere.

4.) 10 May 2019 02:12:41
Guys I understand the thoughts but I don’t recall it being said that Fletcher would be the DoF. I think they were just talking ‘a role’ within the club. Given the recent diluting of United values and ethos I think having ex players around the club (who experienced the winning culture) is a good move. I like that management seems to have recognised this and is prepared to bring some back in. It has to be the right role though. A DoF should be knowledgeable about the job.

5.) 10 May 2019 10:28:34
Spot on by the way ports.

6.) 10 May 2019 16:22:38
Is it possible that the person that the club want as DOF is currently under contract elsewhere so they are keeping quiet on any rumours until the summer.
There appears to be so many different links for the past 6 months from creditable options through to completely left field.
I might and and probably am wrong but I would like it if the club are trying to stop these leaks out of the club and the work has gone on for the right person to come in.

7.) 11 May 2019 13:27:29
If we're going to have an ex-player as Dof, Roy Keane gets my vote.




Ports's banter posts with other poster's replies to Ports's banter posts


05 Apr 2022 22:55:03
Apparently Rangnick has not be consulted about the next Manager. So we get someone in on the provision of him being a consultant, and we don’t consult him. Seems pretty Manchester United!


1.) 06 Apr 2022 09:08:24
That's actually not quite true, what was said is that he isn't heavily involved in the process.

His opinion has probably been sought, how much sway that has who knows.

However, the role he is currently fulfilling is as first team manager, and he has been asked to focus on attempting to finish as high in the table as possible.

The job of recruiting the next manager will fall to the DoF, which is John Murtaugh.

2.) 06 Apr 2022 10:01:02
The fact that people choose to read into whatever the rags write about our club these days is laughable. First to laugh off transfer rumours but when it comes to the ins and outs of Ralf's advisory role they fall hook line and sinker.

3.) 06 Apr 2022 11:05:19
RedWhiskey, that is true. Ultimately I think fans currently feeling about the club mean they are far more likely to believe a negative report in the press than a positive one.

As for what this report, it said he isn't heavily involved. Firstly that's a little wishy washy. Secondly, how "involved" do people expect him to be?

He's currently our interim manager, who will move into a consultancy role when the interim period is up.

It's an advisory role he will have, he won't be running things, making key decisions etc. He wouldn't be expected to arrange meetings and fly all over Europe heading up interviews.



16 Mar 2022 10:11:57
What's the solution to this mess then lads? All opinions, ideas welcome.

My concern is we all know the ideal solutions but are they realistic? For example, 1st thing is the Glazers out but who buys us? Has anyone expressed an interest? Chelsea, although I appreciate in a different situation as they are up for new ownership but have had 3, 4 or 5 different parties express interest in them, I'm not confident United would get that?

Next thing is the personnel behind the scenes. Woodward is gone which is great but is he fully removed from all roles at the club? Arnold, Murtough, Fletcher, are these 3 capable of getting the football back on track? I think Rangnick moving upstairs is good but will he have the freedom to implement what he wants to do?

Manager? Who comes in and can we get them? 1 of Poch, ETH, Conte, Tuchel. Hearing a lot that Poch wants to go back to Tottenham, does that mean we could get Conte? Or is Tuchel a realistic target?

Then finally the players. Maguire, can't run, can't turn, positional play is dreadful, HAS to go. What an opportunity for Rashford and Pogba to come on last night and make a statement, we they certainly did that. Both need to go. Cavani, been really left disappointed with him last couple of months, never had him down as that character or player.

Then we have the stadium, knock it down and start again? I'm not keen on that I have to say, a full refurbishment is required but would hate to see it knocked down. And if they invest in the stadium, I can't see the Glazer's selling it up, its a slightly different situation to doing your house up to be sold.

Club is a mess and our owners, directors, captain and high profile players epitomise this!


1.) 16 Mar 2022 11:31:56
1.) Recruitment - focusing on signing players who are both technically and physically good enough.

Too many players are either or. For example players like Dalot, Telles, Shaw, Maguire, Matic are okay technically but slow and lack mobility.

Too many players are okay physically but can't play football to save their lives (Fred, Mctominay, AWB, Rashford etc)

2.) Sign a permanent manager who is one of the best in Europe, haven't had a full time manager since Jose, Ole and Ragnick were both interims. Poch for me personally seems the best fit for the club

3.) Stop signing/ resigning players who are 30+ and only looking for a last payday (Falcao, Bastian, Cavani etc have taken the mick out of the club and the fans) . Also how much have matic and mata helped in the dressing room with their experience, it doesn't seem like a happy camp to me.

2.) 16 Mar 2022 12:24:55
It's not rocket science, just god damn common sense.

Horse before the cart ALWAYS.

Which means getting the behind the scenes structure right first.

Do we have a best in class DoF? Hire key decision makers with the relevant experience and expertise.

Loads of people talk about Pep at City, but Pep is merely a key component of Txiti Bergiristain larger plan.

Get the right structure in place and make sure everyone knows what there role is, what is expected of them and that they are all pulling in the right direction.

Once you have that a clear plan will evolve. A plan for who should manage the club, what style of manager they want, what sort of team they want, etc.

Then comes the churn of players, moving out the ones who aren't part of that future either because they aren't good enough, don't have the right mentality, or because they just don't suit the vision of the club and the new manager.

Thing is, it would in reality take the best part of a year to start hiring the right people and for them to start working together and create a plan and start setting that in motion, such as hiring the right manager.

After that comes at least 2 years of squad churn, moving players on, developing the ones we have and purchasing those we need.

After we have have the right set up, have the right manager and that manager has had two seasons of squad building/ moulding/ crafting then in that managers third season we might if everything else has gone to plan be in a place to start seriously challenging for the title, maybe a year or so after that we might be in a position to challenge for the UCL.

3.) 16 Mar 2022 12:55:18
We were that desperate last night we brought on Mata, that's when i knew the game was lost.

I don't even know where to begin regarding what needs sorting out.
It's a complete mess from top to bottom.

There is no way in this world we will competing for the premiership for at least 5 years and that all depends on getting the club getting in the correct people from the top all the way down to the manager and the players.

4.) 16 Mar 2022 13:29:57
Alot of us will remember the 26 years between league titles, could see something similar happening.

Lots of talk about a new manager coming in and turning things around, but can't see any new manager being successful beyond the odd trophy while we have no clear plan from the Academy to First Team.

Whose to blame, probably everyone including us fans.

{Ed0666's Note - pray tell how the fans are at fault for the crap you see every week?

5.) 16 Mar 2022 14:56:33
Structure and strategy. RR has an excellent CV in structuring a club apparently, from reports he has a clear strategy for the footballing side of the club. We need to recruit to fit the Strategy and the structure. We need to decide on how we want to play as a club, implement that system through the youth system and club. Clearly define the characteristics required for each role (Playing and non playing) recruit to fit the system, train through all levels at the club to fit the system. The scouting should be trained and clearly defined to fit with the requirements of each position (no square pegs in round holes) . Statistical analysis of the players to identify training needs and weaknesses. We need to make a robust system that makes succession planning easy.

6.) 16 Mar 2022 23:03:12

Absolutely spot on for me. Unfortunately that takes longer than 2 months and that’s all a new manager will get before some of our fans are wanting them out.

7.) 17 Mar 2022 07:03:42
Ed0666 - just a theory but the pressure from the fans to succeed means that the players are afraid to fail, play safe, don't want to take risks.

I think playing for Manchester United heaps pressure on a player, every mistake is magnified more than it is at any other club in the country. Some players rise to the occasion and drag the team to victory, but that seems to have disappeared this season.

When Bruno came in he took risks, for 18 months his form drove the team forward, when his form dipped about 12 months ago, the team started to struggle again. The cracks have once again been exposed and we can all see that a total rebuild is required, unfortunately the club seems more interested in the stadium rebuild at the moment, rather than what is on the pitch.



11 Mar 2022 23:05:41
Got to say, every time Rangnick talks, I enjoy it. His comments on Rashford are spot on. I’m certainly coming round to the idea of him staying in another year.


1.) 12 Mar 2022 03:51:28
Ports, if he stays another year, its almost certain that Gareth Southgate will be the person taking charge next. You ready for that?

2.) 12 Mar 2022 05:54:30
Completely agree. He must be a good manager to cover for journalists as he doesn't really keep things close to the chest very often. Isn't disrespectful towards anyone just plainly says things as they are.

If Rangnick had to stay next season I wouldn't be against it as long as its with a view of getting the manager we want at the end of next season, similar to what he did at Leipzig where he waited a year for Nagelsmann. Ultimately, it doesn't matter who the manager is next season, we're looking at a rebuild and at the very least a couple of seasons before we could realistically challenge even if everything goes very well with signings and a new manager.

3.) 12 Mar 2022 08:49:53
Disagree United Addict. I think everything he’s saying and what we are hearing suggests he is and will have quite an influential role in the football matters of the club and I don’t think he’ll be staying in for a year just so we can hold out for Southgate.

But for what it’s worth, I think we will be seeing a new face in the dugout during preseason and for the 1st game of the season. I’d just be open for it to be Rangnick if it came down to that.

4.) 12 Mar 2022 10:09:15
Think Ralf will do his best work as a consultant, helping to shape new structures and attitudes. United look like they’re actually starting to change into a more professional outfit, rather than an amateur setup with football novices like Woodward in charge.

Saying that, biggest obstacle will still be the micro management of the business-orientated Glazers, who apparently have to have the last day on everything, thus reducing our flexibility and agility in signing players.

Furthermore, to aggregate credible media sources, looks increasingly like Pochettino coming now: always been the favourite and think United only contacted THag when PSG said they wanted to keep MP. Now looks like he’ll leave PSG at the end of the season, so dare say their focus will go back to MP.

Whilst it seems TH is the better coach and more current than MP, Poch will possibly take less time to settle, is more used to working with chaotic structures and big egos and will hopefully improve Shaw, AWB, Rashford and others. Might also mean, as Shappy said yesterday, that he’ll want more hard running/ mobile CBs so could be a reason to hopefully let Maguire go.

{Ed077's Note - Poch is also more used to failing with chaotic structures and big egos Wallace.

If MP is appointed he will have my full support but I am not convinced he will be able to successfully challenge and overcome Pep and Klopp at Man Utd.

5.) 12 Mar 2022 10:46:18
Surely they must try and get Tuchel. Rudiger and James would be nice as well!

6.) 12 Mar 2022 11:13:04
It's a full rebuild for me. Give RR the move upstairs and allow him to mould the future and bring in EtH alongside him. Give them 2/ 3 years with hopefully some success along the way.
My dad has always said our success comes in-between long periods of turmoil, also when we give the manager time to mould a young squad.
Let the youth come through and grow with Sancho Elanga, bring in some young hungry players like teuchmeni. Sprinkle some older players like verane.
Just go brave and full reboot.

7.) 12 Mar 2022 10:31:50
Ed77, I dare say you know much more about football structures than me, so can only hope he’ll be a success.

As you say, don’t think we’ll be challenging Klopp and PG for a few years yet, maybe not even until they move on.

{Ed077's Note - Wallace, I don't know anything more than any other poster on here. I am just a fan rambling on and ranting from time to time.

8.) 12 Mar 2022 13:04:52
Im not, the way he swerved the ronaldo questions was like a politician. He has no authority at all and that's why we are a total ? show.



09 Mar 2022 21:45:58
People still want Poch? ???.


{Ed014's Note - it’s paved the way for his move, what could possibly go wrong ?‍♂️

1.) 09 Mar 2022 22:36:17
Similar things were said about tuchel when PSG got rid of him tbf.

“Do we really want a guy that ole has beaten twice in his own back yard? ”

How foolish that looks now, shouldn't make a similar mistake now.

2.) 09 Mar 2022 22:12:42
Cant blame poch for 2 defensive errors.

3.) 09 Mar 2022 23:16:07
Tuchel had a better résumé though then, than what Poch has now.

4.) 10 Mar 2022 05:57:07
Dsg tuchel took psg to a cl final. Remind me what poch has done?

5.) 10 Mar 2022 07:13:22
Poch took Spurs to CL final, which, imo, is harder thing to do.

That said I don't like either of them.

6.) 10 Mar 2022 07:17:49
Poch took Spurs to CL final.
However, I don't think he is the right appointment for United.

7.) 10 Mar 2022 07:18:36
Taken spurs to a champions league final.



12 Feb 2022 15:00:05
These players have got me to the point where I hope we don’t get 4th because that will just paper over the cracks once again.

DDG - great servant and one of our better players this season but he’s got to be saving that with his hands today. Just need a more modern day GK.
Shaw - time to move on now, not offering anything defensively or offensively.
Maguire - not even going to talk about him.
Pogba - done well today but not the right character for what we need at the moment.
Ronaldo - nice fairytale but not what we need.

Then on top of that, Fernandes so wasteful today, Dalot, Wan-Bissaka’s crossing is criticised, not seen a decent Dalot cross for as long as I can remember.

Watching United you’d think the opposition have more players. We attack and the have more defenders, we defend and they have more attackers. Couldn’t go today and that’s the highlight for me, that and Sancho.

Finally, I said a while ago and still believe that Hassenhuttl could and should be a contender for the job, working with Rangnick.


1.) 12 Feb 2022 15:47:55
Ports the players are reluctant to change. Instead of getting their head down and focusing on the task at hand, they're leaking things online, trying to shift the narrative that Ralf is now the problem.

We've been making bad decisions at the club for a decade. There is no quick easy fix unfortunately but don't what stop the people running the club thinking there is. The decision to leave Ole in charge is turning out to be a bigger problem than I first imagined. Those players are absoulute cowards. They lack the mentality to compete at the top because for 3 years they were lauded for achieving nothing.

The stadium is a perfect example that echoes what we're seeing behind the scenes. Once the pinnacle of the footballing world is now a shell slowly crumbling.

I said it last week. This team needs to be dismantled. It doesn't need 3 or 4 signings to get us going, it needs tearing down.

2.) 12 Feb 2022 16:54:38
Hate to say it but not getting 4th wouldn’t be a disaster. Might mean that players like Rice/ Tielemans etc won’t come but would guess other players out there nearly as good willing to get United back into top 4.

Will mean huge exodus (particularly Ronaldo, who, despite the marketing mens wet dream, is way past his best and needs to be replaced by a younger quicker striker.

So this woukd then leave plenty of space for less well/ known players who want to prove themselves (Haidara? Kamara? ) plus opportunity to bring in the better youngsters such as Garner, Mengi, Amad, Pellistri, Laird, Hannibal and Garnacho/ Alvarez.

3.) 12 Feb 2022 19:18:18
Ports after that suggestion being mentioned today I’m quite open to that hassenhutel
Fits the RR idea and I like the football they play .

4.) 12 Feb 2022 19:29:58
The best thing RR can do for the club at the moment is blood the youngsters as much as possible, most of this 1st team will hopefully be shipped out in the summer by a decent coach.

5.) 12 Feb 2022 20:32:08
Mumbles, you've hit the nail on the head. The players cannot be trusted and most are poisonous. Solskjaer's reign has had a bad effect on their attitude. Basically, very talented footballers who like desire. The best trait in any human being.
Holeinone blaming RR is an absolute joke. He didn't create 36 chances in 3 games and only score 3 goals! Our overrated, underperforming idiots up front did.
If anyone can't see the improvement in our play, then they know nothing about football. But coaching and tactics can only take us to a certain point, the rest is up to the players.

6.) 13 Feb 2022 09:40:56
Rashford was the worst player on the pitch and cost us the goal by not tracking back. Hassenhuttl will again be an average appointment. We need Ten Haag.




Ports's rumour replies


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01 Jul 2022 20:34:00
Interesting one this. Don’t know anything about him but had a Google and as you say can play a number of positions but I wonder what position he’ll predominantly come to play. Lots of talk of Lindelof today being best choice to partner Varane so could Martinez be the defensive minded CM we all want?!




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30 Jun 2022 18:16:31
Getting Romero back would be a great move. The fact he is open to it as well and knows what his role and wouldn’t cause any issues makes it even better.




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24 Jun 2022 09:33:09
As good as Ronaldo is, I really don't think he's the sort of player Bayern would go after. They are a very well run club with a clear philosophy and Ronaldo does not meet their criteria IMO.




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22 Jun 2022 09:47:09
I reckon Guardiola would have loved to have taken Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol if he had a realistic opportunity to get them. Same with Bayern, the players only leave there when Bayern no longer want them.

Klopp was linked with Dortmund players but admitted at the time Liverpool couldn't get in to big money signings at the time.




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20 Jun 2022 12:10:53
Blind was 5.9 and played CB with Smalling and kept 18 clean sheets and had the joint best defence.





Ports's banter replies


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01 Jul 2022 16:50:06
Is De Jong still on holiday? Appreciate we can still sign him but maybe waiting for him to return before making it all official?


{Ed014's Note - he’s fighting it as he really doesn’t want to move.



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29 Jun 2022 08:12:02
Ronaldo dumped in the U23’s then Wallace!


{Ed014's Note - don’t you have an over 40’s team?



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28 Jun 2022 17:15:48
Nope. First time I heard of him was a couple weeks ago when we were first linked. First time I heard he was rapid was today ?.




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28 Jun 2022 16:06:28
Imagine if the Dumfries rumours were true!

Malacia is supposedly rapid. May come in handy if ETH wants to give Maguire a shot in the team and assuming he’ll play LCB!

Looks like Ronaldo has played a blinder again ?.




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28 Jun 2022 07:39:36
Well I think we’ve saved more than that. And when you consider we’ve previously paid probably over the odds for players, this would suggest we are conducting business better.