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07 Jul 2022 20:00:14
So, £300,000 more to the transfer pot!
Sale of Dylan Levitt to Dundee Utd has been agreed.
Even with the 25% salary cut not enough for a weeks wages for Ronaldo.

I Want Our Trophy Back

1.) 07 Jul 2022 20:18:03
He will do well for himself, very gifted technically.

2.) 08 Jul 2022 08:23:08
Wish him all the best, wonderful footballer. Mad that the fee is only 300k but hope he goes on to have a solid career.

3.) 08 Jul 2022 09:53:31
Hope we put in some clause for him.
I don't see why we don't do buyback clause at like 20m.
I see Chelsea do it all the time.




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26 Jul 2022 20:42:10
I see Alvaro Fernandez has gone on loan to Preston North End, hope he get's plenty of game time.

A certain ex player of ours by the name of Beckham had a pretty decent career after a loan spell at PNE.

I Want Our Trophy Back

1.) 27 Jul 2022 09:04:42
Makes sense, without any other outgoings yet he would have had Shaw, Malacia, Telles and Williams ahead of him. While Martinez can cover LB if push comes to shove.

Although I'd expect to see both Telles and Williams leave this summer.

2.) 27 Jul 2022 11:57:07
I have a feeling telles might stay.
The only thing going for him is his left foot.
Daley Blind was in a very similar profile although his positioning was much better.
He started almost every preseason game.
I have a feeling he stays as backup 3rd choice LB.

3.) 27 Jul 2022 12:55:49
No he didn't start any pre season game. Nothing like blind either.

4.) 27 Jul 2022 13:00:38
In at least a couple of the friendlies, Telles came on along with Malacia (who played LB) . Maybe we'll see this approach in the new season although he barely makes an impact in his chosen position, let alone a different one. Maybe ten Hag wants to make use of his set pieces or some other attribute he's spotted that we haven't.

5.) 27 Jul 2022 13:22:16
Telles came on to play LCB on all of his appearances during pre-season, most likely as a place holder for Lisandro Martinez. A position he'll never play in the EPL. Just given minutes to get up to speed and because Varane missed a few games with injury.

6.) 27 Jul 2022 20:41:12
He played midfield too.
I think we will have problems shifting him. Might stay.



12 Jul 2022 14:56:23
I know, I know, I know, nevertheless it's nice to be 3-0 up at half time against the scousers. Terrific goal from Fred.

I Want Our Trophy Back

1.) 12 Jul 2022 15:19:52
It was a really good watch in the first half, i actually enjoyed it.
Massive difference in the second half with all the changes.

2.) 12 Jul 2022 15:34:00
The first few games of pre-season are mostly about fitness. Yet we could see the tactical changes EtH is making already starting to take shape. More pressing high up the pitch, players wanting the ball more, quicker passing, one or two touch.

Ultimately the game means nothing, but a winning start would help to build momentum, especially against the old enemy from down the road.

3.) 12 Jul 2022 15:39:47
Still the b team scoring a wonderful goal against their full strength team.

4.) 12 Jul 2022 15:54:28
Eric Bailly is an enigma. Wish he could stay fit.

Means nothing obviously but good performance. Malacia is very strong for his size and Iqbal and Savage impressed me 2nd half. Tougher once they had their first team out obviously but nice to maybe build a little momentum and to see a few tactical changes.

5.) 12 Jul 2022 17:24:36
Totally agree about Bailly, thought he was very good, made some excellent interceptions.
I admit to being biased as he is one of my favourite players, just wish he could stay fit.
Did say a while back I hoped we would not sell him as would like to see him properly and effectively coached, also get his rashness ironed out might stop some of his injuries.



06 Jul 2022 17:36:56
So Ajax and Spurs have agreed a deal for the transfer of Bergwijn, does this clear the way for Antony to leave Ajax?
If Ronaldo goes (which he should) this will reduce the wage bill by an unexpected £25m and bring in approx £10m sale fee. Hopefully this could bring some flexibility to the summers transfer budget.
Give ETH the tools.

I Want Our Trophy Back

1.) 06 Jul 2022 17:59:41
The problem is that there is nowhere for Ronaldo to go to. I can't think of a single club that would want him and his £500k wages which he would want to move to.

2.) 06 Jul 2022 18:10:23
I think Ronaldo is suggesting that between those wages and playing champions league football for somewhat lower wages (Chelsea? ), he will choose champions league football.

{Ed0666's Note - or maybe he wants to taste a winning feeling/success again before he retires

3.) 06 Jul 2022 19:33:17
He signed a two year contract and he should lead this team back to the champs league next year. If we fail he can leave for free, having honoured his contract and did his best (2nd season pending)
If we succeed he can decide if the United project still suits him to have his champs league hurrah, or if he wants to try somewhere else. We could also say thank you very much but we don’t want to activate the third year.
That’s what should happen, it’s shameful he public ally asked to leave and he should apologise and just crack on . Eth could benefit from ronaldo even if he uses him sporadically.

First time poster, Appreciate all of the Ed’s and the frequent posters.

4.) 06 Jul 2022 20:18:31
Maybe he leaves and we win something Ed.

Let him go if he wants to leave, let’s get past players wanting to leave and keeping them.

{Ed0666's Note - I would drive him to Chelsea myself if I were Ten Hag

5.) 06 Jul 2022 21:25:25
FootballGoesInCircles, if Tuchal decides to take Ronaldo then he is an idiot. He's just got rid of one immobile striker with attitude so why on earth would he take on another?

Also, I can't believe Ronaldo will accept a cut in pay; champions league or not. Ronaldo being Ronaldo surely wants his cake and to eat it.

ed666, maybe he can have another feeling such as the pride of having some integrity. He signed a two year contract at Utd on very generous terms so perhaps he can be a professional and honour that commitment.

The man has played in the Champions League for 20 years. What else does he need to achieve in that competition?

What he has now is totally unique; the chance to be amazing in a totally different way by helping Utd and Ten Hag arise out of the current sh*tshow by helping the youngsters, setting a good example and maybe creating some positive vibes around the place. He could even decide to put some effort in on the pitch. Crazy idea huh?

{Ed0666's Note - proffesional footballer and loyalty in the same sentence? You better than that mate.

6.) 06 Jul 2022 22:33:51
Mancman - I don't think I can assume to answer what drives Ronaldo but clearly he is already answering that. Winning something and creating records in CL is more important to him so be it

Ed0666 - 100% with you. He wants to win something. It's not clear if we will actually win something with him. It seems too good to be true that he wants to leave on his own admission and somebody wants to take him. It was difficult for United to say they want him out with his status.

7.) 06 Jul 2022 23:34:28
I must be old school. Oh wait yes I am!

Ronaldo was paid a ridiculous amount (as were many) to do a job. Okay so he was amongst the best of the bunch but overall he (they) failed. Rather than running to the next team to carry him to another trophy or league championship, how about you hang around and do what you're paid for. If this was any other profession you would be sacked, not allowed to leave to save your dignity!

Pull your head in and help the team back into the good times. Play for the shirt and not yourself and give back to the sport that has made you rich beyond your dreams.

I was a huge Ronaldo fan but this latest pouting a feather ruffling has got me riled.

Otherwise don't let the door smack you on the backside on the way out like I hope it did to that other pouting clown Pogba.


8.) 06 Jul 2022 23:43:43
MancMan - spot on. I agree if Ronaldo truly 'loved United' he'd honour his extremely well rewarded 2 yr contract. Just doesn't seem to be the case though.

Never thought I'd say this but he can go for me. Lots of us thought it was a dream for him to make a return and he gave us some magical moments. But ultimately we were a worse side with him (and others) in last season than the previous year.

He just won't suit Ten Hag's style which I'm paraphrasing the various bits we will have all read about it being 'Guardiola in possession / Klopp out of possession'. He is 37. Either leaving this summer or next. Let's get him out the door now - will make Ten Hag's life much easier and save £25m in wages plus whatever fee we can get.

I can see a nightmare scenario though where Ronaldo openly wants to leave and nobody wants to take him on. Bayern already said no. Napoli interested but any realistic chance of winning UCL with them (clearly what Ronaldo wants)? Chelsea's new owner wanting a vanity signing could be the only game in town.



29 Jun 2022 15:35:28
Oh dear, seemingly FDJ has informed us and Barcelona that he is refusing to leave Barca! a rather big spanner in the works if true, suspect it could well be.
Hope ETH will have back up plans, Neves/ Tielemans or others?
Was so pleased yesterday with the news a deal was close, now this.

I Want Our Trophy Back

1.) 29 Jun 2022 20:36:22
I think it's just click bait. Fdj wanted Barcelona because he likes where he is. They need to sell and he's getting them some cash up front so will let him go. He's said he'll stay but if the clubs agreed a price it's obvious they don't want him that much so he'll move. At least that's my reading of it. But he's still on homiday so nothing to be sorted soon. Plus the club originally had someone else as first choice (sms) . So time for it to play it yet.



25 Jun 2022 17:34:35
Shappy, I see a post of yours further down the page quoting salary spends of ourselves and others and thereafter you drew conclusions based on those 'facts' as you perceive them.
First of all, where did you obtain this information? You quote our wage spend at £196m, Chelsea £148m, Liverpool £137m, City £129m.
A fairly cursory search for information would reveal the following.
2019/ 2020 accounts for City and Liverpool show City spent £351m (highest in prem) While Liverpool were at £326m.
2020/ 2021 accounts for Chelsea and us show Chelsea at £333m and us at £322m.
Those figures show us in 4th place. (Still, ridiculous for what we are achieving)
These figures show what you have said to be way, way from the truth and thus your conclusions need to be treated with, shall we say, at best, scelticism!
I have not looked for Arsenal and Spurs figures but would be prepared to lay a significant wager they are a long way off your assertion.
You do seem to have an Achilles heel when it comes to finance. You need to be a bit more careful in your research.
I hope all the money in your household goes to your wife to control and you get weekly pocket money!

I Want Our Trophy Back

1.) 25 Jun 2022 18:42:26
IWOTB. I think Shappy is an accountant in the real world?

2.) 25 Jun 2022 19:48:48
IWOTB, I wouldn't concern yourself with my financial situation. I look after myself.

I did a quick online search and am prepared to hold my hands up and say the information I gave is only as good as what I found.

The figures I found only account for the first team squad and not wages attributed to the whole club.

As a finer point the figures you present are spread across two seasons/ financial years.

They are also either one or two years out of date. For example your figures for United are from 2020/ 21 which won't take into consideration Ronaldo's 26m a year salary, Sancho's 18m a year salary, or Varane 17m a year salary.

For context those three players are all in the top 10 highest paid players in the league.

DDG also makes the top 10 with his 19m a year deal. Meaning 4 of the 10 highest paid players in the league play for us.

While your figures don't account for 61m a year that is paid to Ronaldo, Sancho and Varane.

Now I don't know if that is because you just can't find those up to date figures, or whether you are just being selective over which you use to try and make a point.

3.) 25 Jun 2022 22:33:27
Shappy, I was not trying to be selective at all, merely accurate.
The only relevant, meaningful, and correct figures are those contained in the company accounts, not some random web site that just guess and make up figures.
In any event your post made no attempt to distinguish between player and other staff, you said wages.
The figures for ourselves and Chelsea are for the year end 30th June 2021 ie the most up to date figures available, we have not even reached the end of this financial year.
I have now got the 2021 figures for Liverpool and City and they are £354m for City and £314m for Liverpool so City have tiny increase and Liverpool decrease.
You say your figures are just player wages, are you seriously trying to say Liverpool spend (according to you) £171m on players and £143m on other staff and City £159m on players and £195m on other staff.
Clearly these figures do not include players signed last summer but equally, that applies to the other clubs as well so they will be reflected in the next set of accounts. Don't forget the players who have left us will save £40m ish and hopefully more sales to come.

Shappy, the point I am merely trying to make is you often talk finance yet clearly this is an area of uncertainty for you, and maybe a slightly differing approach would benefit everybody.




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03 Aug 2022 23:09:15
H94, all Murtough and Arnold have done is what the manager want's. FDJ is the the foundation upon which ETH wants to build our future and they have delivered an agreement with his club to enable this to take place.
It seems that the manager is the one who is keen to continue the attempt to complete the transfer and the club are, rightly, doing everything to try and deliver on his wishes. ETH is supposedly in contact with FDJ and apparently knows the reality of the situation.
I can imagine the reaction on here if it came out that the club was not doing all it could to get the No 1 target of ETH.

I Want Our Trophy Back



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09 Jul 2022 16:32:33
FiremanC, agree about Martinez, we have put in improved offer for him seemingly £43m, think this was about what they wanted. Suspect he will play centre back, he is very tenacious, good reader of game and very good distribution.
With regard to FDJ, think there is a confusion between not wanting to leave Barcelona and not wanting to come to us. It is abundantly clear he does not want to leave, but he would have to be very foolish not to realise Barcelona want him gone, to get money in and get his wages off the books.
I don't believe a word Laporte say's about keeping him, it's just a tactic.
Dealing with him coming to us, suspect if no ETH he would not want to, but he needs to make a decision on his medium/ long term future and knowing he is going to be one of the very first names on the team sheet for every game, and hasn't ETH told him he will be the 'Conductor of the Orchestra' I think he would, for his career choose to come. He knows ETH and if he believes in him it would be the right choice.
Indeed, can see him being prepared to sacrifice the harsh weather conditions he is currently subjected to and bask in the balmy climate of Manchester. Time will, of course, tell, but am optimistic he will be wearing No 6 shirt next season and giving far more justice to it than the last few years have seen.

I Want Our Trophy Back



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09 Jul 2022 15:48:38
Exactly Ed1, yes knew it was Euros sorry did not specify.
What they are doing in selling off future incomes is similar to Equity Release mortgage on your home.
All well and good in the short term but what happens in future years when the income they have sold off is needed for everyday expenditure for the club. No doubt someone will find an empty bag of crisps at the stadium with a supposed impression of Christ on it and sell it for a couple of billion euros.
Not sure if they will ever be allowed to collapse.
One thing I would say is all very well having democracy in appointing people to run things, but clearly to be elected you have to win votes, to get votes you have to give the voters what they want ie shiny new players all the time on huge wages. Thus the circle keeps turning
The best thing they could do is appoint Ed Woodward to run the finances!
P. S. One and a half billion euros is approx £1,270,000,000 (that's a big number!

I Want Our Trophy Back

{Ed001's Note - it is scary.}



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09 Jul 2022 15:05:38
Would steer well clear of Dybala, has been fairly injury prone and heard he can be a bit weak mentally. He is also looking for big pay day.
Barcelona owe just over £17m in deferred wages to FDJ and apparently, despite the fact that he, along with others, agreed to help the club during a time of crisis by agreeing to defer what was owed under legally binding contracts which they willingly offered, has now been offered a settlement payment of £3m by Barcelona with the remaining deferred £14m to be written off, due to their financial circumstances. This despite the fact they are looking to spend about 100m euros on Raphina and Lewandowski.
Think Ed1 said the other day they were taking out 1.5 billion loan for new training ground and stadium, this on top of 1.2 billion debt they are in.
Laporte coming out with want to keep him nonsense and salary adjustment needed is clearly a ploy to get him to give up what they legally owe OR trying to get us to pay this money. So, while we have been pretty rubbish with negotiations for some time, questions can equally be asked of them.
There are some who think the Chelsea rumour has been put out by them to get us to panic and shell out extra cash (if true a good tactic from them, would do the same myself) Integrity rules OK!

I Want Our Trophy Back

{Ed001's Note - yes mate, they are taking out a huge mortgage, it is 1.5bn in euros though, not sure what that equates to in £s. They are selling off portions of their income as well to enable them to spend now, so they are going to be in more trouble later on. Laporta is going to destroy them for the long term.}



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14 Apr 2022 22:18:01
Agreed Singh, could be a good partner for Varane, have heard talk of using Bailly as part exchange, although unlike many I would keep Bailly and give him a season's tutelage under a good coach (ETH) I know of the fitness issues but think there is a top defender to be coaxed out there.
If not Torres think Jules Kounde a top prospect. My view is that centre back is THE most position to sort. Does not matter how many shiny new toys up front if you are not right at centre back you will never be winning leagues.

I Want Our Trophy Back




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26 Jul 2022 19:47:47
DSG, these are completely different circumstances.
Juventus want rid of Ramsey, they don't play him and they deem it worth paying him off to get him out of the club and off the wage bill.
Ronaldo has asked to leave, he was a regular starter last season, the club were not looking to get rid.
Why on earth would we pay him off.
If he want's to go let him suggest that he vitiates his contract and walks away with nothing.

I Want Our Trophy Back



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12 Jul 2022 17:24:36
Totally agree about Bailly, thought he was very good, made some excellent interceptions.
I admit to being biased as he is one of my favourite players, just wish he could stay fit.
Did say a while back I hoped we would not sell him as would like to see him properly and effectively coached, also get his rashness ironed out might stop some of his injuries.

I Want Our Trophy Back



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05 Jul 2022 18:58:13
Hi Ken, I suspect it could be a bit more than a run for his money with Shaw, as long as he settles OK think he will soon be the starting left back.
Know someone with very good knowledge of Dutch footie and he speaks very highly of Malacia, seems he has an attitude and commitment that matches his nickname.
As much as anything want to see that next season from all players.
I, like you, am very much looking forward to next season and am optimistic, the appointment of ETH was, in my view, the first time in years we have actually looked forward in making an appointment and not looked backwards to the WERE successful, instead we have gone to WILL be successful (hopefully) . He's the new kid on the block rather than the old timers!

I Want Our Trophy Back



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05 Jul 2022 16:30:36
Totally agree he looks a very good prospect, watched him against Wales a couple of weeks ago and he is certainly quick.
Read a scouting report on him recently, written in summer 2021, you might want to read-
The first thing to know about Tyrell Malacia is that he is a top-end athlete relative to his position. This is vital for a full-back in ways that perhaps are not true for any other role on the pitch – modern, possession-based football demands end-to-end coverage from wide-men in defence. Malacia no doubt sports the engine and straight line speed to meet these needs. Malacia’s athleticism feeds into almost all of his defensive strengths.
Not only does he have excellent recovery pace, but he is a very strong one-on-one defender – both proactive about engaging wingers in wide areas and very difficult to beat due to strong acceleration and anticipation over short spaces. According to Opta data, he has been dribbled past only 0.7 times per 90 minutes played this campaign.
In terms of defensive positioning, Malacia is a mixed bag. On the one hand, he clearly recognizes and anticipates opportunities for the opposition to progress the ball centrally – he will often cheat into central spaces in front of the centre-backs to prevent opposition forwards from receiving on the half turn.
On the other hand, Malacia is often out of position in transition. His elite athleticism allows him to make last ditch, hero-ball tackles with great frequency, but it is likely that this would be exposed more frequently in a stronger league with a greater level of physicality. In terms of weaknesses, this is where Malacia demands the most improvement – Feyenoord’s right half-space is frequently exploitable due to his positional inclinations.
Going forward is where he is both most exciting and most frustrating. He has the potential to excel at almost every facet of attacking play as a full-back.

Typically taking up classic wide-and-deep positions ahead of the backline near the touchline, Malacia is an above average progressive passer relative to his position. Keen on playing combinations down the line for his winger, or switching play diagonally for Feyenoord’s star number ten Steven Berghuis, Malacia is frequently a progressive outlet for a side that has struggled to move the ball centrally for much of the Dutchman’s career.
Not only is he a relatively talented passer, but he also leverages his elite athleticism into positive progressive outcomes as a ball-carrier. He often drives into space on the wing to move the ball from defence to attack. Malacia likes to sit wide and deep in the opposition final third, allowing Feyenoord’s left winger to drag the opposition narrow, then receive the ball in a position where he can either deliver an early cross or run at his marker at speed and beat him to the byline.

As a crosser, his sound long distance passing technique does not abandon him. Tyrell can both bend the ball for an early cross, or drive it on a line into the six-yard box from the byline. This has made him one of the best creative left-backs in the division. Again comparing him to Owen Wijndal of AZ Alkmaar, the Netherlands’ gold standard at left-back, Malacia’s expected goal contributions per 90 minutes of 0.18 is just short of the AZ man’s 0.21, according to Tussen de linies.
What makes Malacia frustrating going forward is his positioning – he is not particularly creative with the spots he chooses to receive in. In particular, you will rarely see him invert in build-up, nor will you see him make driving diagonal runs behind the defensive line, preferring to receive in line with or in front of the opposition block. To be fair, the former is likely down partially, if not entirely, to tactics – but one would still like to see him diversify his behaviour in early stages of possession to truly become a force in first and second phase build-up.

Forecasting Tyrell Malacia's future.
Transfer buzz surrounding Malacia is not extensive at the moment. There are a few sensible reasons for this – first of all, the Dutch youth international simply had yet to play a complete season of senior football prior to this one.

Furthermore, Feyenoord’s unattractive play style and relatively poor results this term have no doubt caused him to be overlooked abroad to some extent, especially compared to his peers.

The best outcome for Malacia is likely another campaign with Feyenoord, this time under Arne Slot – who was at the helm of AZ Alkmaar last season as many of their young players drew attention across the continent for their performances. No doubt, in the summer of 2022 top sides will come calling for Malacia, whose athleticism and experience at left-back give him an extremely high floor given the scarcity of natural players at the position in top level competition.

There we are, we can all be experts now.
No guarantees of course but does seem a good prospect, if he lives up to his nickname of 'pitbull' I am sure that will endear him to the fans whatever.

I Want Our Trophy Back



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28 Jun 2022 16:03:55
Think there is a little way to go yet, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Am confident it will happen, but just a bit more patience.

I Want Our Trophy Back