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14 Jul 2022 16:07:39

Have there been any updates since United submit the seemingly low big for Antony?


{Ed002's Note - Antony (RW/LW) Bayern Munich have declared an interest in giving Ajax a profit on the player but Ajax are not looking to sell and there is a dependency on a Bayern Munich player leaving - it means he might be available at a premium but Bayern look a less likely option. Real Madrid see him as an option but not top of their list and interest will wane. Chelsea see him as as an option as they look to resolve issues with their wide players, but they have a preferred option. Manchester City see him as a possible Mahrez replacement and Manchester United as a potential Mason Greenwood replacement, and with ten Hag joining they are the most likely destination I would think. Barcelona would take him or another player they have an eye on as a Dembele replacement, but will need to find a home for Dembele first - and right now he looks to be staying. Steven Bergwijn and cash may see Spurs get a shout. Milan offer an option. Ajax will look to extend his contract or look for a very significant return. Liverpool have no declared interest but have previously scouted him as a potential a Salah replacement. Ajax are unhappy that he is being hawked around by his representatives.}

1.) 14 Jul 2022 23:35:17
Thank you for the breakdown Ed.



17 Aug 2017 00:53:51
What's this news about Juventus looking for Fellaini. Anyone heard the same?


1.) 17 Aug 2017 10:51:11
Dont know how they can't see him. Fella stands out in a crowd.

2.) 17 Aug 2017 11:01:25
Think they just bought matuidi. So that should be that.

3.) 17 Aug 2017 11:44:20
missed a trick there. Matuidi is a good player, really good IMO.

4.) 17 Aug 2017 22:46:58
I've said it before. If Matuidi was all that, there's no way in hell PSG would let a French international leave their ranks.

5.) 18 Aug 2017 22:32:35
Matuidi for a reported £18m, seems a good bit of business.

However we have Matic, so who cares.




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07 Aug 2022 17:30:19
Are all of you who were optimistic back on earth now, or are you still thinking this group of players will achieve something?


1.) 07 Aug 2022 17:38:58
Sooner get rid of players like mctominnay the better.

Wouldnt get in any other top 10 team maybe top 15 he's absolute dreadful.

Rashford and Bruno need to be dropped, sooner we get FDJ the better.

Still need 4 players.

2.) 07 Aug 2022 17:42:02
Not that simple. Lot of Players clearly not good enough, and obviously we need at least 3 more in this widow alone. But it's the first game and if he doesn't panic and keeps drilling his style into those that get it and gets rid of the rest we should see something start to change.

3.) 07 Aug 2022 17:47:06
Audio, I wish I had the same optimism as some of the other posters. But you only have to look at the glaring deficiencies in our RB, midfield and central strikers and you realise what a huge job ETH has.
I put us at 6th this year, but on today's display and lack of effort, I think bottom half of table is about right.

4.) 07 Aug 2022 17:50:05
Can anyone tell me if we have had a worse midfielder who played regular in the last 30 years than Scott McTominay
I’m struggling to come up with one
Worst midfield 2 in the league.

5.) 07 Aug 2022 17:52:09
Not at all. We have been so poor for years now, hitting rock bottom last year and then we start the season with the same midfield and lumbering centre half, same out of form striker, same average full backs and expect to be successful.

One of the glazers at the game today so still time to ask him for 80 mill so we can buy ruis+ sangare and Dumfries - then get busy on offloading as much deadwood as possible just for a start.

6.) 07 Aug 2022 18:05:29
We seen it the first 10 mins

Dalot Fred mctom etc they ain’t built to play in a team that’s going to be a passing and moving based team

It’s going to take a lot of time but the board need to wake up and back the manager and get the players in.

7.) 07 Aug 2022 18:06:06
Im glad ETH started the season with McFred. Sends a clear message to the board that the team aren't good enough and we won't be domestically successful without improvements.

Lets hope they stop looking at the share price for more than 5 minutes to take note of the result.

8.) 07 Aug 2022 18:26:35

Honestly, I can't believe the ten Hag era began with Shaw and McFred in the lineup - what a joke.

I've been hammered on here by some about FdJ and the fact that United are doing a disservice to their fans yet again by wasting time on a player who doesn't want to join and isn't worth the hassle.

Now, we can see why so many fans are fed up with this rubbish - same old lip-service followed by the same old ineptitude.

Maguire and Martinez looked all at sea today.
Why? Because Dalot, Shaw and McFred were pathetically poor.
Where is the DM?
Where is the RB?
Yes, the 3 signings made are savvy acquisitions, but the amount of time wasted on one player who was NEVER going to sign is a sign that little has actually changed under the ownership of the parasites.

First game - pathetic.

9.) 07 Aug 2022 18:27:42
I do t think anyone in reality thought we would be good this year. Most people think at best we will start to show signs of developing the players and the system that EtH will bring in. Each year we will get rid of more that aren't good enough and bring in more who are suited to the system.

The bonus will be if some of the player already here in the first team squad or the youth can develop or prove they fit the system. The more of these we have here the easier it will be to get to the end goal.

10.) 07 Aug 2022 18:29:23
Do you honestly think todays result will have any effect on them? I’m not so sure. They, like the players have proved to not be fit for purpose.

11.) 07 Aug 2022 18:43:21
Could be worse, we might get a player like Arnautovic.

12.) 07 Aug 2022 19:39:23
Quite simply we need to spend £100m by Brentford away.

13.) 07 Aug 2022 19:42:55
AAA and Womble, I completely agree.
Yous have been bashed on here for just being realistic by the people who think we have some almighty right to be successful.

In my opinion I don’t believe a single player in the starting 11 will be apart of the next United team to win the title. It’s a scary thought if it turns out to be true.

14.) 07 Aug 2022 20:55:19
The truth came out today and all the pressure to only be optimistic that has been applied to posters like me DLIB and AAA in recent weeks disappeared as quickly as a popped balloon.

It’s a shambles, a bottom half team that the board seem happy with. The manager needs to wake up quickly.

15.) 07 Aug 2022 20:57:48
Audio, I don't think any of these players will start in the top 6 teams in the league.

{Ed018's Note - you’re right. They wouldn’t}



03 Aug 2021 18:02:41
We have probably all seen the reports of Atletico Madrid looking for €40 million for Trippier. If the club spend more than €10 million on him it is utter lunacy.
What are your thoughts guys?


1.) 03 Aug 2021 18:05:18
Couldn't care less. He is worth whatever the club are willing to pay for him.

If they think he's worth that and want him, they should get him.

2.) 03 Aug 2021 18:54:22
Angelred, that's just rubbish mate. Pay what they want?

3.) 03 Aug 2021 19:51:00
I honestly can't understand why people keep running with this narrative of "It's not my money so I don't care".

If you pay over the odds for a player, or put them on an unjustifiably high wage, it is more difficult to move them on.

Players like Jones, Pogba, Fred all come to mind. Why would anyone think it's ok for us to just break the bank for a right back, who probably isn't even better than Wan Bissaka, When we need a CDM.

4.) 03 Aug 2021 23:45:13
We need another right back ideally a snr pro. Trippier is a very good player awb will learn loads from him. If they get him for £20 / 25m that would be a good buy imo. 3 seasons in him easily. Fit as a flea and great delivery from dead balls and on the run. Cavani will live him.
I do agree that we should stick to our valuation of him and if the numbers don't work then they don't work. All deals have their tipping point.

5.) 04 Aug 2021 02:05:09
€10m or it’s utter lunacy? The way the market is going I think I’d probably be worth that these days.

6.) 04 Aug 2021 02:52:19
Nah, your just a poor man's GDS1. $3m tops ;)

7.) 04 Aug 2021 04:26:46
You can't just pay what they want. Trippier is not some young talented boy like Amad that we invest a huge amount of money for.

On top of that he is just going to be a backup for AWB and it would be stupid if we spend too much on him especially when we really need a DM.

We have got ourselves into a mess with too many players whom haven't warranted the huge transfer fees and wages.

We need to behave like a big club and stop being desperate by throwing money at players.

{Ed0666's Note - I’m sure tripper is not coming to be an understudy if he comes

8.) 04 Aug 2021 04:53:45
Ed0666, I just can't see Trippier who is soon going to be 31 getting ahead of AWB and starting too many games in the PL.

And I didn't say understudy, I said backup.

{Ed0666's Note - I was using understudy in the vernacular. What is the difference between understudy and back up? If you go to a Broadway show and the lead character goes down with food poisoning it’s the back up/ understudy that takes his or her place no? Alas were getting bogged down in semantics but I’m sure trippier is not coming to be back up but to be the lead.

9.) 04 Aug 2021 05:33:52
Cantonas best friend, why rubbish? Isn't that what the club have done over the years, pay what the asking club wants?

10.) 04 Aug 2021 06:56:43
angelred, it's time to correct the mistakes done in the past.

It's alright to pay a few million more to get a top player or some young player with great potential but we have been overpaying for even some decent enough players.

We have looked far too amateurish in transfer dealings that in the end we ended being too desperate to do the deal on inflated fees and wages.

It's almost like we have become the jackpot for other clubs having players we are interested in.

11.) 04 Aug 2021 07:13:16
Trippier would be an outstanding signing.
He’d start ahead of AWB in any game where we’d be likely to dominate the ball, for me.
Plus can cover LB.

Sell Dalot, loan Williams, get Trippier. Simple.

12.) 04 Aug 2021 08:20:13
trippier for not too big of a fee eg 20-25m would give us a much needed rb option and hopefully bring on awb.
Tbh with the players we already have I don't see it as the next position to address: more focused on the midfield conundrumas lots of different ways to go.
Will pp stay or go? Lingard do we get or try for money now or is he more valuable staying? Vdeb, is it his chance to shine?
Once we we address the mid we have gk, cb mid and hopefully striker next year for a really solid spine.

13.) 04 Aug 2021 09:16:53
LPU, a simplistic view when we have no idea the ins and outs of transfers.

Not sure why any of us on here are bothered about what we pay for a transfer, makes no odds at all.

A club has a value for a player, either pay it or not.

14.) 04 Aug 2021 09:40:26
angelred, yes there is a value for a player but whenever it's us the valuation seems to be much higher than usual. Unless we are dealing with a top world class player the valuation should be reasonable enough.

The clubs we have dealt with in the past few years seem to have sensed a sign of desperation during negotiations and have forced us to pay closer to whatever they want in the end.

It is probably all down to our amateurish way of handling transfers at the club.

15.) 04 Aug 2021 11:24:42
Gds2 I'm not sure you are worth that. I'd imagine if your wife had that on a life assurance policy for you, you would have to sleep with 1 eye open🤣.

16.) 04 Aug 2021 06:41:49
Ed0666, if Ole looks at Trippier to be his first choice then it would be the wrong move and isn't going to help AWB. I guess AWB would not be pleased with that and probably would not stick around for long.

Going further down the line in a couple of years we could once again be looking for a RB again - a position which looked resolved with AWB.

I would rather have Dalot/ Williams as backup to AWB and concentrate on getting a DM which should be a higher priority.

{Ed0666's Note - it doesent me sense to pay so much for a no 2 right back. He’s come to challenge AWB and take his place. If he does so be it and if AWB moves on then so be it.

17.) 04 Aug 2021 19:55:19
Whereas most of us want to see younger players come in who are good enough and can challenge enough to start soon, with Trippier it's definitely a case of a player probably being available who hasn't got long left at the top but is still useful and good enough to challenge what we have. AWB for me offers very little in an attacking sense and England were able to use Trippier in a few ways, either through his set-pieces or ability to at least cover well at LB. Utd haven't had many great free kick options since Becks left. Fernades has changed that a tad but it had become repetitive watching Rashford being the one to place the ball and punt aimlessly from 40 yards every game.
The £30m seems pricey but a little less and he could be a useful, if not paramount, signing.

18.) 09 Aug 2021 02:28:56
I do anyway Ken, you just never know.



16 May 2021 14:36:43
Hi Ed’s,

Would Manchester United have any interest in Adama Traore for the Right Wing position?


{Ed002's Note - No.}

1.) 16 May 2021 16:57:10
Thank god😂.

{Ed014's Note - I couldn’t believe he even asked the question and I’d imagine ed02 didn’t thank me for holding it back for him! 🤣

2.) 16 May 2021 17:27:21
Dear God I do hope not!

{Ed014's Note - I think you’re safe Scooby

3.) 16 May 2021 22:06:22
Wolves should have cashed in last season.

4.) 17 May 2021 08:54:38
Would rather have him than dan james but that's not much of an endorsement if any,

5.) 17 May 2021 09:59:21
Thank god. " look mum I can run really really fast " "thats great son, now lift your head up before you knock the telly over"

{Ed014's Note - brilliant 🤣🤣🤣

6.) 17 May 2021 10:13:48
DSG, personally I think Adama Traore, and Dan James are fairly similar players, both speed merchants who look to knock the ball past the defender and run into space. While Traore is physically stronger his final ball is far less consistent that James’s. I also feel James has a better shot on him, but he is much easier to knock off the ball.
I’d sum it up that I feel more confident that Traore will beat his man, yet I feel more confident that a goal will be scored when James beats his man compared to Traore.

That said, if you gave me a choice of James for 15m or Traore for 70m, I’d be picking the Welsh lad all day long. Far easier to train James to be stronger than it is to teach Traore to have a brain.

7.) 17 May 2021 11:02:14
I must have missed this final ball that james has. Played the majority of the season in 19/ 20 and got 3 goals and 6 assists.

8.) 17 May 2021 11:21:09
Traore isn't worth a fraction of the fees touted, but he is most certainly a better player than james imo. I honestly don't think I have seen James take many players on. I think he could be a good asset though for someone further down the league as his movement isn't bad and he does work hard.

9.) 17 May 2021 11:49:13
DSG, I didn't say James has a great final ball, just that it is better and more consistent than Traore's.

James got 6 assists in the league last season from 26 starts. Traore has 26 starts this season (plus around an extra 230 minutes of football more than James's 2019/ 20 season) and he has 2 assists.

In fact apart from a freakish year last year where Traore got 9 assists he has 1 league assist in 2018/ 19 season and 2 this season.

James has 3 in total this season alone despite hardly playing and only really playing as a sub.

Ultimately neither are good enough, but James's quality and consistency in his final ball is BETTER than Traore.

I'm not saying James is a good player, just a marginally better player than Traore in my opinion.

10.) 17 May 2021 13:30:50
Think of the extra money through the sponsors. Johnsons Baby Oil.

11.) 21 May 2021 00:16:18
Can’t believe all of the hate towards him. The one thing he could use is a change of scenery.
There are many ways he could turn out to be the answer in that position Ed014.



25 Sep 2020 21:17:27
Good evening Ed’s.

Would it be in the clubs interest to terminate some of the contracts of the players deemed surplus to requirements in your opinion?
I know you mention some have been priced out of a move so there is clear interest in a few. However, for the remaining players would it be better for the club to pay the sum of their contracts and release them?


{Ed002's Note - No, they are not looking to do that. It can be hugely expensive.}

1.) 26 Sep 2020 07:47:01
Why do that when they can generate fees for them (as long as price them sensibly! )

2.) 26 Sep 2020 10:18:25
It would be more cost effective to approve a free transfer to another club than it is to pay out the remainder of a contract.

3.) 26 Sep 2020 11:42:45
Just have a fire sale. get what can be gained and move on.



21 Aug 2020 02:09:04
Hi Ed’s,

I hope you are all well. I am wondering if Houssem Aouar is of interest? He looks an excellent player and is apparently available during this transfer window.
He seems like the type of midfield player we need. Would he potentially be a replacement if Pogba were to leave?


{Ed002's Note - Not to Manchester United.}

1.) 21 Aug 2020 11:44:37
Heard he might go to Arsenal. Would be a great signing for them.




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04 Aug 2022 09:41:13
We’ve seen the current tools. We’ve seen most of them for 3 or more years. They’re not shiny and won’t ever be.
Some shiny new tools are needed.




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04 Aug 2022 09:17:41
Personally I feel it is a poor signing. A short term solution that will cause us problems in the future if we are trying to move him on and replace him with the right player. As I don’t see us giving him a one year contract.
It’s a panic buy regardless of his affiliation with ETH. Too often we don’t wait for the player we actually need. I would rather see some of our young players given the opportunity. You would have to feel bad for them if the manager brought in a Chelsea outcast instead of giving them a chance.




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02 Aug 2022 10:49:27
I think efficiency would have seen us get transfers done over the last two months.




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14 Jul 2022 23:35:17
Thank you for the breakdown Ed.




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21 Jun 2022 11:18:06
Proper muppets those guys. Nearly everyone is just repeating the same news that’s been going on for weeks.
If you bring up a name that has been in the news for weeks, you’re not doing anything other than repeating what’s already there and trying to sound like ‘you’re in the know’.
Absolute tosh.





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07 Aug 2022 19:42:55
AAA and Womble, I completely agree.
Yous have been bashed on here for just being realistic by the people who think we have some almighty right to be successful.

In my opinion I don’t believe a single player in the starting 11 will be apart of the next United team to win the title. It’s a scary thought if it turns out to be true.




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21 Jul 2022 11:46:38
Tadic is Left Footed.




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21 May 2021 00:16:18
Can’t believe all of the hate towards him. The one thing he could use is a change of scenery.
There are many ways he could turn out to be the answer in that position Ed014.




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21 Jul 2019 14:13:58
You’re probably right in saying most managers would say the team is strong etc so to not bring in any conflicts with the team. The quotes I read this morning from Zizu about a Bale show the other side though. He doesn’t want him at the club and is not shy of saying it.
Do you think more honesty and clarity from managers would be more beneficial or do you think Zidane is wrong here?

On the other side, you really have to say this is the best chance we have or closing the gap to every other team above us.
City have not strengthened. Now they may well bring someone in, but to date there has not been anyone.

Liverpool look unlikely to bring in any major first team signings so they will likely enter the season with the same team they had last year.

Chelsea have a transfer ban and arsenal don’t seem to have the budget to try and strengthen.
I think if Erikson leaves Spurs then potentially they will be weaker coming into this season regardless of Ndombele.

This is the best chance to improve. So far the Spanish league has really put their money where their mouths are to bridge that gap from last season and the premier league in all seems to be content with what they have.

If we can get a top quality CB, a RW who has pace and attacking intent and then Bruno Fernandes who I’m starting to really get excited about the more I watch him. Then I think that’s the team ready for next season.
Potentially Savic if Pogba goes or Saul if Athletico Madrid need to sell anymore.