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24 Jun 2021 08:30:50Most of the posts go to the Man United Banter page

Also more posts are being added to the Man United Discussion Posts page

23 Jun 2021 12:44:59
Good afternoon All.
Ed002 if you're available, are reports that United are looking to include players in the Sancho deal accurate? VdB is being reported by one media outlet.
Thanks and hope you're keeping well.

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{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any Borussia Dortmund interested in DvdB nor of him being offered as apart of any deal. The situation is very simple - Manchester United need to agree to pay the asking price shortly and then pay the fees being requested by his "agent" and they should be able to conclude the transfer.}

23 Jun 2021 14:10:19
Hi Ed, you mentioned in a previous post that Chelsea were looking to deal directly with BD to avoid the agents fee - is this an approach open to united?

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{Ed002's Note - That is partly correct. They are not looking to avoid agent fees but looking to keep them to a reasonable level. Manchester United are not taking that route except in the terms of any offers.}

23 Jun 2021 15:05:33
Thanks Ed - makes sense. I would have assumed that clubs would have looked at every opportunity to keep the costs low - esp. when it amounts to £50m. Is it that Man Utd don't have the ability to do what Chelsea were looking to do?

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{Ed002's Note - They have messed everyone around.}

23 Jun 2021 17:08:35
I don’t have a great grasp of FFP so I was just wondering whether paying say £50m as an agents fee on top of a transfer affects FFP or is it purely transfers and wages? Thanks.

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{Ed002's Note - It is a case of balancing the books and doing what is right. Over the years some clubs have spent huge amounts on agents - and Manchester United are not the worst.}

23 Jun 2021 21:08:47
Apologies if this is not for these pages Ed, but could you shed some light on what these Agents fees comprises of and if is it a legal requirement? And, how much say do players have in how much the agents fees for their transfers are? I ask because in Sancho’s case, had his agent asked for £5m rather than £50, he may have ended up at Chelsea like he wants or may have got a transfer last year.

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{Ed002's Note - The fees are nothing to do with the players themselves, but are for the efforts of the agents in identifying, achieving and resolving issues in relation to the players - most significantly transfers. Inb terms of some extreme cases, including Sancho, the agent fees are very significant.}

24 Jun 2021 00:48:57
Thanks for sharing that Ed.

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22 Jun 2021 19:13:36
Any Eds shed any light on Mount and Chilwell missing the game through isolating, I presume the whole Scotland team are isolating as well?

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21 Jun 2021 16:57:09
City have bid 100 million plus players for Kane. If they get Kane may as well hand the PL trophy over now.

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{Ed077's Note - PSG have players like Mbappe, Neymar, Verratti etc and yet finished runners up to a Lille side with a 35 year old Burak Yilmaz leading the line and 37 year old Jose Fonte marshalling the defence.

So maybe wait till at least City begin their "transition"}

21 Jun 2021 17:24:49
The big difference is City are coached by the best coach in the world.

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{Ed0666's Note - That’s debatable

21 Jun 2021 17:28:52
We won't be in the mix anyway Simo makes no difference to us sadly.

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21 Jun 2021 17:29:50
City are a different animal to psg ed with a world class manager.

No doubt it will make them stronger, chelsea will be there and liverpool will be a lot closer than last season they will be back to there best.

But i agree with sim they will win it again if they get kane.

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21 Jun 2021 18:05:21
I agree with Ken that it doesn't make any difference for the short term, City are favourites matter what. But can make a difference in two years.
Paying 150 millions for a player means you stick with him for at least 3-4 years. I am not sure how long can Kane be at his peak. As Ed014 says he seems unfit. His game depends in physicality (for me he is one of the strongest out there) and physicality will be lost with age and injuries. Kane is a slow starter, every time he comes back from injury he seems off the pace and needs 2-3 games to find his feet. At this time he is anonymous and then he is firing. I am not so sure paying 150 millions for Kane is the best for the long term.

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21 Jun 2021 19:07:29
I've never been a fan of Harry Kane. He has a very good goal scoring record, but has become some what injury prone. I just don't like his style of play. He hasn't impressed me enough for the money that would be needed to purchase him from Spurs.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me. I feel he can be abit of a hinderence aswell.

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{Ed025's Note - hes certainly a hinderance to opposition defences MH..

21 Jun 2021 19:23:21
If City get Kane and Chelsea get Haaland, who gets the better deal and who wins the league?

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{Ed025's Note - city all day mate..

21 Jun 2021 19:28:23
I stand to be corrected but Kanes injury record is not as bad as people make out. He normally misses a month or so in a season. that's not going to hurt City with all the resources they have as cover.

He will score loads for them and instead of playing for a team like Spurs where the pressure is on him to always play and to always score means he can manage his body better and keep in better shape for longer.

He is not slow but certainly not the fastest either. He has an excellent football brain and as his speed declines he will play more and more like Teddy Sheringham who I seem to recall did ok for us.

His transfer fee and wages are almost an irrelevance to City. If he helps to retain the league and wim the Champions League he will have repaid the fee many times over.

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{Ed025's Note - im with you salford mate..

21 Jun 2021 19:44:23
I think Kane is a fantastic fit for City and will make them significantly stronger. Not sure it's enough for them to win a CL though.

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{Ed014's Note - Haaland on the other hand will make them as strong but more likely stronger for much longer!

21 Jun 2021 20:54:17
Think I’d have Son from Tottenham before Kane! Would love Haaland tho.

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21 Jun 2021 22:40:54
Means they’ll not sign Haaland. Maybe we will?

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21 Jun 2021 23:43:46
Think I trust Pep more than anyone here to know what his side needs and the difference he will make….

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22 Jun 2021 01:20:58
I don't spenno. I don't think their record at transfers is great the last 5 years. In defence players come and go, they only seem to rate Dias as top class defender. At wingbacks Cancelo don't play enough, Mendy have injury problems and he is not at Citys level and even Walker for me is not a top player-take physicality out of him and he is a below average player. At the centre Gudogan is certainly a very good player but i don't think Rodri is an 60 million player. Up front they brought Bernardo Mahrez Torres and Jesus and as far as i know they would like to sell two of them, Mahrez and Zesus. Torres we don't know if he is good enough until he has a full year and Silva is a very good rw or am .
I certainly don't trust Pep and their recruitment team. I trust Liverpool but not City.

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22 Jun 2021 04:51:54
If we got Kane, he would have been a sensational player. Now City bid for him and he becomes an injury prone average player. Sour grapes.

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22 Jun 2021 12:11:54

I don’t want us to sign Kane for the amount stated and I think many on here said exactly the same when we were linked.

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22 Jun 2021 12:46:35
Would love kane, at any price. Top quality. We spent 85mil on maguire and will spend similar on Sancho. Don't tell me Kane isn't worth it.

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22 Jun 2021 13:26:16
UA all of us would like to have Kane in our team. None said that he is a crap player, he is very good, plays in National team and on paper is great. Though we must be able to see the "turning point" of each player. I mean you speak for Kane like he is 22 and has plenty of time so it worths 150+ millions. He doesn't according to us. He is in his way down and have in mind that he is not 27. When he will play his first game for his new team he will be 28 to 29.

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22 Jun 2021 11:41:57

I pressed send before I could have finished. I meant he can be a hinderence to the team he is playing for. Obviously being a goalscorer the team is set up for him, but against the top teams, he doesn't seem to be able to deliver the goods when it is needed. Although Spurs have been over reliant on him for years.

The CL final when he was injured and came back for it springs to mind about him being a hinderence. Spurs missed Moura because it was all about Kane being fit and making sure he should play etc. The rest of the team tends to get forgotten, or become less of a priority. Perhaps just that was out of desperation to win the CL.

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{Ed025's Note - you have to play your best players when you can MH and harry is definitely that, i think if he had better service he could be even more prolific mate, if city get him i believe the league would be over..

22 Jun 2021 18:34:37
You can see it the way you want to. For me one of the best players in our team last season was a 34 year old "past his best". The "on the wy down" player you refer to had the most goals and most assists in the PL this season. For me Kane still has a good 4-5 seasons at the top level and he strengthens any team he joins. Kane's game was never built around speed so it won't affect him. The craze with speed that some fans have is something i don't understand. Usain Bolt would do well of speed were everything.

150m or whatever it is that Levy demands would be well worth it when Kane top scores next season again. If Haaland who is unproven in the PL is worth what Dortmund would want then Kane is worth it too.

GDS, its a seller's market so it doesn't matter what you or i think. If Levy thinks Kane is worth 150m, then that's his price. Neymar wasnt close to what PSG paid but they did. We could go on listing player after player who weren't worth but they were purchased. Kane is worth every penny.

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{Ed025's Note - im with you addict mate..

22 Jun 2021 19:17:44
I've watched few of the England games with Kane, Sterling and Foden, haven't been that impressed. Two shots on target in two games, maybe he is not the dream signing they think he will be.

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22 Jun 2021 19:29:56
Do you know Alexis stats for the past two seasons before he came to us United Addict? I think back then you would show us how many he scored and asisted and say he is not on his way down.
For me its not about pace but physicality in the way he plays. I have seen him with his back to our goal, having two defenders in his back and turn them like they are nothing. For me he is one of the strongest players out there and that won't last forever, age and injuries (if he have) will affect his game. Ofcourse he will always be a top finisher but I don't expect to see Kane of Tottenham until he is 34-35. Furthermore, as many posters said, we don't know what's his reaction at not being the focal point, not having a free role and play the robotic style of Pep.
Ofcourse that's only my opinion and i maybe be completely wrong but because money aren't endless I wouldn't want to pay 150 millions to find out. I would like the same amount of money to be spended at a younger star who has 5+ years at the top level for sure.

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{Ed025's Note - dont worry herrera...they wont be knocking on your door for a contribution mate.. :)

22 Jun 2021 19:46:31
Lol Ed025. We don't have a great record at big money sighnings and we don't have a great record at letting them go when it's time too. We payed 100+ millions for Pogba and because of that we stick with him and keep him hostage as 002 says. We paid 85 for Maguire and we must stick with him. We payed 50 for Matic and he gave us how many, 1 good season? And because of him we have not space to go and take another midfielder. We would be a lot better without them and there would be room for incomes and room for improvement.

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{Ed025's Note - thats woodward for you mate..

21 Jun 2021 16:20:12
Kane bid lodged, by City, expected to be rejected but the intent is there isn't it.

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{Ed025's Note - if they get him welsh the league is over mate..

21 Jun 2021 17:19:04
Well, be a massive sighing for them, I'd love him here but looks beyond us and we are top busy spending 12 months signing Sancho instead.

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{Ed025's Note - sancho would be a good signing welsh but when i think of great united teams i think of RVN or RVP leading the line, and even though you wont get him he would have probably won you the league..

21 Jun 2021 17:31:23
Martial will be fully fit next season with a proper summers rest.

Get your bets on top goal scorer 🥳.

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21 Jun 2021 17:42:27
Totally agree Ed, he would elevate us to those levels.

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21 Jun 2021 15:52:03
Ed002, Do United hold any interest in Sander Berge? Cheers.

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{Ed002's Note - Lots from elsewhere but not MU.}

20 Jun 2021 11:09:06
I heard from a mate who's an Everton season ticket holder that they are willing to let calvert-lewin leave this summer. Have any of the eds heard that we have shown any interest in him? I think he could be a good signing for us.

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{Ed025's Note - hes going nowhere danny mate..

20 Jun 2021 13:59:47
Imagine he's desperate to cement his place in Liverpool legend Rafa Benitez's squad.

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{Ed025's Note - now thats a different kettle of fish rosie, but i cant wait to see how that plays out mate..

20 Jun 2021 14:24:30
He's a good player and he's in the right place for his development.

He needs another season or too at Everton and who knows where they'll be if the keep hold of him.

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{Ed025's Note - hes a good prospect utd road but still a bit green around the gills, he needs to brush up on his finishing but i do believe there is a good player in there, i think your right about him being at the right club mate...well for now..

20 Jun 2021 14:42:18
Needs to become more interested in contributing when the ball is played on the grass.

Amazing aerial ability though and has a fantastic leap.

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20 Jun 2021 16:22:43
He's a good player no doubt, but I don't think he is ready for a move to a team expected to challenge for honours. I also don't think his style of play suits how we set up.

We like our strikers to be able to rotate with the wide players, and be able to play delicate link up play.

It doesn't always work but you can see the intention.

DCL plays more like a throwback CF. He backs into players and uses hi strength to hold the ball up. He isn't as mobile, but he does work hard. He'd be a useful plan B type option. But he lacks the pace, mobility and ability to pull wide that United like in their forward players.

Personally I think Ollie Watkins would be a much better fit for how United try and play.

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20 Jun 2021 17:20:07
Well no need for him to come to United then. because we definitely ain't challenging for any honours with this current setup.

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20 Jun 2021 20:29:58
No, and no thanks. besides, the lazy journalists already have him teaming up with Carlo at Real :D.

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20 Jun 2021 20:31:55
£85 million on Sancho
£25 million on Trippier
£50 million on Varane

With no departures looking likely.
After 18 months of lockdown.
It doesn't add up im afraid.

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20 Jun 2021 22:26:48


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21 Jun 2021 16:41:32
So it does - i couldn't get it - not enough fingers 🙄.

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20 Jun 2021 09:31:53
Good morning all.
Ed, would it be possible for you to provide an update on the clubs pursuit of Sancho and Pau Torres please? Very grateful for your time.

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{Ed002's Note - (a) The clubs are still negotiating over Sancho with Dortmund keen to resolve the situation as they are working on a replacement. (b) Torres is more likely to be heading elsewhere.}

20 Jun 2021 10:08:57
Good information. Ed002, I'm assuming that elsewhere for Pau Torres will be Real Madrid as a replacement for Ramos?

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{Ed002's Note - Or Manchester City as a replacement for Laporte.}

20 Jun 2021 10:53:22
Thanks so much Ed002.
With Torres likely heading elsewhere, United I’m assuming will now push for Varane?

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{Ed002's Note - Yes, I think so.}

20 Jun 2021 11:01:33
Ed002, that's interesting. Didn't realise that Laporte could be heading elsewhere.

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{Ed002's Note - Ok.}

21 Jun 2021 11:38:52
Thanks for all info as always Ed002, very much appreciated.

Maybe reading too much into this, but guessing Torres’ potential destinations are now Real Madrid, Man City and Man United . (don’t fancy our chances here! )

Guessing also that, given as you say, that PSG want a high profile French signing, that they’re interested in Varane also. (again, not looking good for United here. )

Thus, don’t suppose you’d mind Ed002 giving an info about Torres’ and Varane’s preferred destinations and also, if United don’t sign either of these, if you think that they’ll then go for Ben White, Kounde or Nicola Milenkovic of Fiorentina?

Thanks as always for any information you can provide - know you’re probably brokering a huge deal or king making someone glamorous!

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{Ed002's Note - I am not going to comment on preferred destinations but Varane has always been open to a move to England in the past. I have explained where interest otherwise rests with CBs but nothing is happening specifically right now - and probably won't until a decision is taken over Varane.}

21 Jun 2021 12:06:23
Wow that was quick - thank you! Really appreciate your info, thank you.

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19 Jun 2021 14:15:44
Eds do you know if there has been any development with regards Pogba staying (signing new contract) or leaving?
Also has there been any interest in 1899 midfielder Florian Grillitsch?

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{Ed002's Note - (a) There is nothing new as such as far as I know about Pogba. There is limited interest in him this summer. He probably needs to be patiant and bide his time until his contract runs out next summer. (b) Yes, lots but this is the Manchester United page.}

19 Jun 2021 15:07:42
Sorry I meant to add in if there was any interest shown by United in him?

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{Ed002's Note - No Leanoard - several other clubs.}

19 Jun 2021 21:14:27
No chance United will let him do a Donnarumma on us.

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19 Jun 2021 22:58:11
Grim, he's free to talk to clubs in less than 6 months. He will most definetely leave for free next year.

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21 Jun 2021 09:02:25
Ed would a pogba varane swap not make sense for both sides?

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{Ed002's Note - I rather doubt that would work.}

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