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02 Aug 2022 08:50:34
Busy week ahead l'm expecting 3 signings bye weekend!

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02 Aug 2022 09:35:08
You will probably be very disappointed if that's what you expect!

02 Aug 2022 09:56:33
Why be efficient and get them done by the weekend? The window shuts on 1st September, plenty of suffering yet!

02 Aug 2022 10:49:27
I think efficiency would have seen us get transfers done over the last two months.

02 Aug 2022 10:55:20
I'm expecting Frenkie De Jong, Antony and Sesko to be wrapped within two weeks.
If sales permit, hope we go for Dumfries as well.

The new hierarchy wouldn't want to let down the new manager after a terrible season.

02 Aug 2022 11:12:58
TrueRedDevil, that sounds like it would be pretty much the perfect summer. I just don’t think we’re competent enough in transfer dealings to achieve it. We can but wish/ hope.

02 Aug 2022 13:10:43
TRD - On what evidence are you basing that assumption?! That would probably cost in excess of £150m. I’m not confident we’ll get any of those players.

Past evidence suggest the Club will panic towards the end of the window and god knows who we’ll get then! That’s what I’m expecting!

02 Aug 2022 13:30:36
I think De Jong and Sesko will happen. I'm less confident about Antony as Ajax are digging their heels in and he'll cost well above what he should.

Even with his potential, his current ability and his experience means he should cost somewhere between 35-40m at most. That is the figure that clubs like Bayern, Juventus, Real Madrid, Chelsea, City and Liverpool would consider paying and no more.

They want double that figure because they have had their side decimated already this summer on top of losing their manager. Plus as the window wears on finding a replacement will become harder and integrating them into the team without a pre-season can be problematic.

I think we will get a midfielder and a ST, with maybe Garnacho being given more of a chance to step up this season.

02 Aug 2022 16:09:32
Love the optimism. I reckon we are done for in’s.

01 Aug 2022 22:46:14
Looks like Baily is off to Seville!

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02 Aug 2022 08:07:22
According to papers potentially Telles is as well. If its also true that Jones is in talks with DC United then fingers crossed we see a new Right Back come in. I'm hoping we see Dumfries but don't think will happen.

01 Aug 2022 08:06:28
Morning Ed002,

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

Rumours seem to be gathering on social media that United interested in Napoli’s Fabian Ruiz (as FDJ alternative? In addition to? ) one “ITK” even saying United will be in contact with him again this week!

Any truth to these rumours please, or just scurrilous click bait?

Thanks for any updates you can provide.

{Ed002's Note - Fabian Ruiz (CM/DM/AM) was seen by Real Madrid as a replacement for Kroos and/or Modric but he is not their first choice. There have been discussions with his agent involving Manchester City, Arsenal, Newcastle and Bayern Munich - although the player is not particularly keen on a move to England or Germany, but may have few other options. Napoli have also met and spoken with Barcelona who see him as a possible replacement for Pjanic but they have to integrate their youngsters so they can be discounted. His agent thinks that PSG and Manchester United could also look to him, although again both have preferred options. Do not lose sight of Inter. Won't sign a new contract.}

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01 Aug 2022 08:44:16
Wow thanks for such a quick and detailed response Ed002! Very much appreciated!

30 Jul 2022 22:32:20
Ed - are we in discussions for Sesko?

{Ed002's Note - I have explained the situation.}

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29 Jul 2022 15:38:03
I really hope the rumours of Fabián Ruiz are true. I've thought for a while he'd be a decent player to have in the Premier league. He'd be a very suitable replacement for Matic.
I get that Ten Hag wants FDJ at all costs etc but if we could get Ruiz for the reported £42m then it's a no brainer. Very good player.

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29 Jul 2022 15:53:08
I tend to agree and think he'd be a suitable alternative to FDJ if that deal isn't able to be concluded.

Personally I think Fabian Ruiz better fits EtH than SMS who is another of the often touted alternatives. Although personally I feel that SMS is much like Pau Torres, a club target the predates EtH and might not be some the new manager really wants to pursue.

Or at least Fabian Ruiz's skillset more closely aligns with that of FDJ.

If we could do a deal that includes Ronaldo then that could be a two birds with one stone situation.

29 Jul 2022 16:01:20
I wouldn’t mind both players to be honest. Two different midfielders who would both instantly improve our team.
Savic definitely does seem like a club target though.

29 Jul 2022 20:03:30
Shappy. Why would CR7 go to Napoli? Although they are in CL they may be packed in a group of death and chance of finishing 3rd in the group is high. So effectively CR7 will again play in Europa league in few months time. Atleast in United he is on insane wages, he has to reduce his wages if he goes to Napoli.
He probably prefer a team who has high chance of going far in the CL or even winning it.

{Ed014's Note - what he prefers and what those clubs in with a chance of winning the champions league want are two totally different things.

29 Jul 2022 20:20:52
Don't think anyone cares what you think personally shappy. Think they are more concerned with what the manager thinks. And rightly so, whoever he asks for, should be attempted to be attained.

29 Jul 2022 20:43:01
Jeez RedWhiskey, there's no need for that.

30 Jul 2022 07:47:25
Wow RedWhiskey, whose p. ed in your Macallen?

If we're not going to give opinions then this site will become very slow.

I didn't say the club should sign Ruiz, just that in my opinion he is closer in style of play to FDJ than SMS is. Which if we are looking for an alternative to FDJ then Ruiz would make more sense than SMS.

I've repeatedly said that the best signings we can make this summer are the ones the new manager wants.

However, that said the reality is his top target FDJ might not be attainable this summer. So alternatives will probably need to be sought. Obviously an alternative that the manager approves of.

30 Jul 2022 17:47:16
It's been one of themes of this summer, it doesn't matter what XYZ thinks its the managers choice that's important.

30 Jul 2022 19:59:26
I didn't mean it in any malice. Simply that what is most important is getting who the manager wants. Rumours are flying around everywhere and we all jump on them I'd like this I'd like that. Ultimately it doesn't matter who we want, it matters who the manager wants.

30 Jul 2022 21:43:15
Don't worry RedWhiskey, I didn't take it personally. I agree that the most important thing is we sign who the manager wants.

I just enjoy discussing the other options we are linked with.

31 Jul 2022 16:26:29
My biggest worry is TH is fixated with Ajax or Dutch players, I appreciate he needs to get the players he wants, but I would have hoped he had a dossier on players of other teams countries…that to me is a little of a worry…. We seen with DVB who was supposedly good at Ajax over hear is is very poor and he had plenty of chances….

31 Jul 2022 17:31:31
We have 2 Dutch players in the squad, one of them is Chong who has been here for years. Obsessed.

31 Jul 2022 17:52:05
Yeah god forbid we bring players from the Eredivisie to United, it'd be terrible to have to watch players like RvN, RvP, Stam, Park etc at United.

31 Jul 2022 18:13:30
Oh yeah but you forgot, Depay, Patrick Kluivert, Meijer, Boogers, Janssen,
DVB, . But Brains that’s not what I am saying is it, I’m saying every player he linked with is Ajax/ Dutch could just be lazy jounos but there are other players out there instead of making Ajax the richest club in the world!

29 Jul 2022 10:27:33
I was told about sesko on the 22nd July and posted on here to ask Ed on 23rd.

Media is so far behind sometimes.
I only got the information because I bumped into someone that I didn't expect when visiting Manchester.

I wouldn't get your hopes up on him just yet.

I imagine we are just going through the market and a list to see who can be brought in.

Was also told there is multiple loan deals on the table for many players that want game time.

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29 Jul 2022 13:19:45
I haven't seen all that much of him, but from the handful of times I've seen him play, I like the look of him. He's not just big and strong, but reasonably quick and pretty good technically too.

29 Jul 2022 15:27:09
He's got a touch of Dzeko about him. I imagine he is one of a handful of players on any top club's scouting list of 'players of high potential'.
The same kind of lists that contained Saliba, Diallo, Bebe, Haaland. Some make it, most don't.

29 Jul 2022 15:54:01
Spenno, I don't think Bebe ever featured on such lists at other clubs.

29 Jul 2022 18:07:45
Bebe ?.

29 Jul 2022 21:56:33
Spenno, Sesko is a hell of a lot quicker than Dzeko. Sesko is as close to Haaland as you can get.

30 Jul 2022 09:54:16
Haaland looks like something from Game of Thrones. Sesko looks more like Groot, a beanpole that’s going to be carried away by a gust of wind. He’ll pad out in the next few years.

29 Jul 2022 10:25:07
Hi Ed002 - hope all is well. A question on Antony please. Is the player 'not for sale' in Ajax eyes or have they set an asking price? If the latter is it a price MUFC would be willing to pay?

{Ed002's Note - Antony (RW/LW) Bayern Munich have declared an interest in giving Ajax a profit on the player but Ajax are not looking to sell and there is a dependency on a Bayern Munich player leaving - it means he might be available at a significant premium. Real Madrid see him as an option but not top of their list and interest will wane. Chelsea see him as as an option as they look to resolve issues with their wide players, but again not top of their list. Manchester City see him as a possible Mahrez replacement and Manchester United as a potential Mason Greenwood replacement, and with ten Hag joining they are the likely protagonists. Barcelona would have taken him or another player they have an eye on as a Dembele replacement, but now he is staying. Ajax will look to extend his contract or look for a very significant return. Liverpool have no declared interest but have previously scouted him as a potential a Salah replacement, but that is not for this summer. Ajax are unhappy that he is being hawked around by his representatives.}

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29 Jul 2022 09:40:38
Benjamin Sesko Rumours have started today.
Fabrizio Romano saying that the interest in Sesko is concrete and a player that they are considering.
Don't shoot the messenger just passing it on.

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29 Jul 2022 09:57:49
Just been reading that. Amazing really considering a week ago there was nothing and I’m assuming like me, most hadn’t heard of him. I’m sure people in the professional game have been aware though. I looked him up on transfermarkt and they had him valued at £9M but I’m guessing we’d be looking at £20M?

29 Jul 2022 10:01:51
Twitter twittering that Murtough met with his agent last week to gauge interest and apparently United have scheduled a further meeting with his agent next week.

Also twattering that could be complex transfer (surprisingly) as RBS business model is to move plater into RBL.

Apparently RBS want £30m (surely Ronaldo fee and wages saved if he goes? ) plus United thinking about offering a loanee to sweeten the deal.

Obviously everything absolutely true.

29 Jul 2022 10:45:03
Wallace - What! United involved in a complex transfer. never lol.
Other clubs just get the deal done. United have a tendency to completely overcook everything and completely balls it up every time.

29 Jul 2022 12:35:32
If anybody believes what he says they are mad.
Read all his posts on fdj. He had told 10 dormy stories.
Because of his following he is making a fortune peddling his crap.

29 Jul 2022 16:28:36
Surely you are not suggesting that he is constantly making up non stories about the most popular clubs because that will earn him more money?


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