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29 Jan 2018 16:27:46
Lots of talk of Zlatan to LA Galaxy.


1.) 29 Jan 2018 16:39:00
It makes sense, I think Sanchez is his replacement as such. One large wage coming onto the wage bill it makes sense to move one off. Sadly I don't think Zlatan will ever get back to his best after that injury. I think the MLS is the best move for him now. I wish him the best and will always remember what he did last season.

2.) 29 Jan 2018 18:12:47
Totally agree shappy.



09 Dec 2017 13:37:31
Lots of talk of Griezmann to Barcelona today. Fingers crossed.


1.) 09 Dec 2017 14:43:56
Glad to hear that, I don't rate him much and he cost too much. I prefer MU sign Paula Dybaya. He is class,

2.) 09 Dec 2017 16:11:15
So 89mn is now lot more than 150mn+.

3.) 09 Dec 2017 16:13:56
He had his chance last summer. Personally I would question his desire. Don't want him at United now. Ferguson wouldn't bother with him again. Hope Jose doesn't too. It shows we are weak if we do sign him.

4.) 09 Dec 2017 22:27:45
Dwelling on the past is a weakness. Comparing everyone to fergie is dwelling on the past. Believe in the current manager. I'm pretty sure he's in a better position than us to make a decision on who we sign.

5.) 10 Dec 2017 02:26:00
No he isn't redtash, that is heresy! People on here know much better. There are so many free top top top players available this summer. We need to sign them all and then Griezmann is the world class cherry on top. If they don't sign who we think they should then it is Woody or the Glazers who should go.

6.) 10 Dec 2017 03:47:14
Why is everyone against signing Griezmann. He's not a bad player is he?

7.) 10 Dec 2017 04:39:02
Griezmaann is a very good player but going by what Ed002 has been telling us about the positions Mr Mourinho would like to strength, I don't see the point of spending that money on him, as this will hinder other purchases and he will be played out of the position with less effective.

The CM we are interested will cost a lot, means Pogba will be moved foword as I don't see either mid we're interested sitting on the bench.

Better we spend the money on other positions we are weak, rather than on Griez and play him out of the position.

8.) 10 Dec 2017 06:48:16
Aren't we better off moving pogba to play as the attacking midfielder to free him up a little from the defensive duties and bringing in another box to box midfielder if mourinho is not happy with Herrera?

9.) 10 Dec 2017 08:22:45
I think that's what Mourinho intends to, has we have been told among of his priorities is a CM.

10.) 10 Dec 2017 08:25:55
I question his desire. He agreed to join United then cancelled it the last minute making the club look foolish. Saying he couldn't leave Atletico in the lurch. Move on from him.

11.) 10 Dec 2017 09:57:32
Yes he's a good player. But I question the mental side of his game. I question his attitude, his desire. His constant snipes at the English weather shows he's not committed to coming here. He messed us around for months saying he was coming only to drop it to show loyalty to a club who are now trying to force him out anyway because they need the big bucks. And the fans turned on him.

12.) 10 Dec 2017 11:07:28
Agree with Shane and Mort. We went out of the way to bid and yet got declined but from AM but the player himself. Time and ride waits for no man. Am sure better options around and not like we don’t have the money to pay.
On another note we could sign Ashley Young’s cousin for the wings - Ashley Younger 🤣🤣🤣.

13.) 10 Dec 2017 14:11:54
Nonsense he is class player and we should do our all the sign him as he would take us to the next level. Yes he opted against joining us once but that shouldn’t stop us going in for him again. Need to put this ego aside.



27 Nov 2017 13:33:27
There's still some rumours of Ozil and Willian floating around for January. Either or both would be an improvement.


1.) 27 Nov 2017 18:13:51
Really big fan of Willian. think he would be a fantastic signing. Ed002, I know you've mentioned he could be an option for us before. I can't remember if you said anything about him in the sharkopod so I am sorry to ask again, but is there any possibility Jose might turn to him again?

{Ed002's Note - There is a possibility but Chelsea would not sell until they have sufficient cover and have told one suitor that he is unavailable.}

2.) 28 Nov 2017 07:35:25
Many thanks for that ed.



07 Oct 2017 10:23:29
Linked today with signing Phil Neville's son. Anyone know anything about him?


1.) 07 Oct 2017 11:31:17
He's Gary Neville's nephew.

2.) 07 Oct 2017 12:41:42
Neville Nevilles grandson.

3.) 07 Oct 2017 12:56:13
He was originally in the man city academy and now plays for valencia youth team. He is highly thought of by all accounts.

4.) 09 Oct 2017 14:14:29
Tracey Neville's nephew as well.



31 Aug 2017 22:06:31
City have launched a late bid for the much needed Dutchman Phil de Seets.


1.) 01 Sep 2017 00:44:51
Good one mort.

2.) 01 Sep 2017 05:27:38
Nice one. I saw this on the Spurs site.

31 Aug 2017 22:13:12
BREAKING: Arsenal have had a £45m bid accepted for Chinese sensation Fu-Kin No-Wan.




Mort's banter posts with other poster's replies to Mort's banter posts


09 Feb 2018 23:12:28
Just like to say RIP to Liam Miller. 36 is no age.


1.) 09 Feb 2018 23:49:44
So sad. Rip.

2.) 10 Feb 2018 01:11:55
Very sad. Rip.



04 Feb 2018 15:02:17
So what's peoples thoughts on McTominay? I've seen him. compared online both favourably and unfavorably to Fletcher.


1.) 04 Feb 2018 15:45:34
I like the look of him. He doesn't try to overplay, plays it easy, is positionally sound and seems to have good stamina. I actually think Fletcher was a great player, not exactly at Pogba or Scholes level but was crucial in his prime nonetheless. Comparing Scott to Fletch for me is a compliment to Scott, and he can only improve. Its really weird though, I've seen many prospects praised while they are still playing U18,U19. I don't think I ever heard of Scott until he was in the 1st team. If he can keep playing like this then we'll probably need just one midfield player to replace Fellaini and can focus on strengthening the full back areas.

2.) 04 Feb 2018 17:27:33
He’s tidy and unassuming, nothing flashy but breaks up lay and keeps it simple. I think if he wants t make it he probably needs to find a niche, some part of the game he can excel at.

Yesterday he was fouled and battered throughout but he bounced up and got on with it. Interesting that even though we used 3 subs he completed the full 90 minutes.

3.) 04 Feb 2018 18:29:15
I like the look of him - neat and tidy strong in the tackle looks for the ball in and out of possession. Not a showy player at all but could be a key squad player in the future.

4.) 04 Feb 2018 19:22:13
He's fearless. Not afraid to play his game. Plenty of prospects would have wilted under the pressure of replacing Pogba in an EPL game. I imagine he did exactly what was asked of him, was posituonally astute and is prepared to make plays either driving or passing the ball forward as well as the steady keep possession sideways stuff.

Players like him are priceless in a squad that wants to win things.

5.) 04 Feb 2018 23:35:45
If he has half the career that Darren had, then he’ll retire a very happy and successful man.



24 Jan 2018 13:00:43
Congratulations to Leeds for the biggest laugh of the week.


1.) 24 Jan 2018 18:38:37
Closely followed by Liverpool :-)



17 Jan 2018 20:04:55
Good tribute from. the bbc to Cyrille then. Can see what he meant to people. Dion Dublin's had me in bits.


1.) 17 Jan 2018 20:39:48
Damn dust everywhere in my house.

2.) 17 Jan 2018 23:40:48
remember him smacking two against us for wba great player don a lot for black players.



29 Nov 2017 16:39:13
I don't think anyone is undervaluing City at all. They've massive strides in recent years to get to the position that they are in. It just looks more impressive because of how big the strides have been. They've had to do a lot to get that position and they've done it in a short time frame compared to how long it took us. But they've had unlimited funds to enable them to do it quicker. The point is what are we doing to keep pace? We've thrown a lot at the team with mixed results. But what are we doing in the background.


1.) 29 Nov 2017 17:04:23
What would you like us to do?

2.) 29 Nov 2017 21:00:19

I have given a comprehensive list more than once.

3.) 29 Nov 2017 21:19:34
Where do you want to start Jred?

4.) 30 Nov 2017 08:27:00
Going then what?
We have spent a kings ransom over the last 4 year, broke the world transfer record and appointed one of the top managers in the world .
Won 2 trophies last season, started the league great and the CL .

Spoilt man United fans?

5.) 30 Nov 2017 08:35:59
City are playing great, top manager pep but are United really that bad?

6.) 30 Nov 2017 09:54:11

How many times. Have a look at our facilities, stadium, training, youth facilities, interaction with local communities, links with local schools. Then take a look at what City have done, their burning ambition. Their (and our) work in the transfer market is only one part. I even read an interesting article about our use of social media being old fashioned and behind other clubs, that it seemed Utd were content to quote 600m followers but lacked a spark of originality. Where were United when City were attracting Pep? Sat deluding ourselves that Moyes and LvG were the answer. What was our transition plan? What was our long term club development plan? It looks like it was based on a bit of arrogance that relied on adding new sponsors and increasing the asset value. All the while City had a better all round plan and were implementing it.

How much have the Glazers spent on OT? The work done when they first came in was from money from the Plc. We have the same stands and every year or two when it gets mentioned the plans to develop the South stand get trotted out. Then disappear a few days later when people have mumbled approval but as yet it seems they aren’t going to do it. We have massive borrowing to fund the leveraged buyout so borrowing to build a stand isn’t perhaps first choice. We won’t go into finance but most people don’t understand net debt. Out of interest I walked down the street at the back of the South stand a couple of years ago, the one across the railway. There were houses for sale on the side of the road adjacent to the ground, were the club buying them? Not according to the locals, but maybe it has changed.

When it came to Hotel Football, the club didn’t do it, why? In fact they opposed it, maybe they didn’t think of it first, why? The club has been buying land apparently round OT for years but have done what with it? Inside there are the same facilities, same toilets, overcrowded overpriced bars. What new facilities have been added around the outside of the ground to look after fans? .

City have built an infrastructure whilst Utd looked for sponsors to make more money. The supporters blinkered problem is encapsulated in the focus on how much spent on transfer fees rather than building a better all round club.

Spoilt is something we were for many years with the trophies but looking at the club we relied on one man, with old style methods which meant when he left we were shattered, too reminiscent of Busby leaving. Where was the planning? We have been reeling from that and just about starting to steady the ship now. All the while City executed their plan and in what can only be described as arrogance, we sneered at the noisy neighbours. Spoilt? I started supporting in 68 and following the club was tough in the seventies so spoilt is not the word, frustrated by the ownership more like. Frustrated that we let this happen. Frustrated that the owners were allowed to mortgage the club to enable them to buy it, limiting our power for years, no value of course, as an example whilst City bought Aguero. Frustrated the club seems focussed on asset value rather than infrastructure improvement, that were are allegedly being flagged as an adult Disneyland.

We surrendered our natural advantage over City, now they are nearly as attractive a proposition as us and only arrogance will deny that. It’s down to senior figures at our club to stop looking at numbers and create a plan that puts us at the forefront of clubs not the nirvana of owners and accountants, the asset value league.

7.) 30 Nov 2017 10:39:53
Again Redman you are comparing us to one team .
We have one of the best stadiums in the country, we continue to produce youth players at a time when very few are getting in to any of the top teams.
We out spend 99.9 % of teams in world football .
Reportedly have the highest wage bill in world football.

You are spitting the dummy out because 1 team city are doing better, what about all the other teams below us?
What about all the other team that aren't doing as well as us, haven't got the money we have etc

Spoilt fans only concerned with what we HAVEN'T got.

8.) 30 Nov 2017 12:46:33
Hardly spoilt supporting through relegation

If you choose to ignore the power shift you are just another who is arrogant enough to think everything will just carry on as is. City don’t have the fan base but it is growing as they engage with the community while we ignore them.

Great stadium but what have the owners contributed to that? Paid the electric bill? It has not changed in what 24 years?

Up to you if you want to see it or not.

9.) 30 Nov 2017 12:49:18
What i'd do is bring in a director of football to oversee the football side of things as we have slipped up in this area. Move Woody back to commercial an what he does best. Its too much of a job and too much power for one man. Also the clubs facilities need an upgrade. And expand the stadium. i'd like to see a more coordinated plan in loaning young players out for experience. There is more we could be doing. We've stood still whilst others have evolved.

10.) 30 Nov 2017 13:12:20
Who is ignoring anything? We can't do anything to stop what city are doing, or psg or Barcelona and Madrid for that matter .

We are spending the cash backing the manager breaking transfer records play in a 80000 seater stadium .
Poor Man United our fans have it hard .

11.) 30 Nov 2017 14:02:30

Tunnel vision only looking at transfer fees. You need to consider the bigger picture.

12.) 30 Nov 2017 14:33:40
Which is what red man .
The club as a business is outstripping everyone out there this has been our best start to a season in years .
We are set up to be successful, unfortunately will don't have a god given right to be number one.

13.) 30 Nov 2017 17:17:45

You are being dazzled by figures, the club has a great income stream, fantastic. The focus seems to be mainly improving the income stream and impressing the financial experts. The clubs asset value helps mainly the owners. Where is the rest of the plan or did you not understand the points in my main post.

14.) 30 Nov 2017 18:05:58

Agree but I am wondering about the role of a Director of football and who would have the depth of experience to plan that widely. It would be an interesting choice of person.

15.) 30 Nov 2017 18:12:52
Such as appointing supposedly the best manager in the world and spending over 300 mil in 12 month.
The club is making record profits, investing that in the team .

As a fan what is that you want .

Big stadium, record transfer big name players, big name manager .

What is that the likes of arsenal stoke Chelsea palace all the other clubs have that poor old United don't? .

Hard work being a United fan.

16.) 30 Nov 2017 18:24:00
Could not agree more RedMan.

17.) 30 Nov 2017 18:34:54
No wonder United fans get a bad name .
The moment a team does what we have been doing for years the dummys are out .
Poor United.

18.) 30 Nov 2017 19:27:48

You still just don’t get it

You said “the moment a team does what we have been doing for years”, the point is we haven’t. It’s not just spending, you are too focussed on transfer money, even so the owners only released the purse strings about three years ago. There was no value before. My point is about infrastructure development and integrating the club with the community, building a structure to best take the club forward. Look at the bigger picture.

19.) 30 Nov 2017 19:38:54
The bigger picture red man is that we are a global brand, one of if not the biggest clubs in the world .
And in the modern game that is taking the club forward .
The rest is nice to have, although our infrastructure is up there development is improving while unfortunatly becoming less important in the modern game.

It's a money game now, a global game whether you like it or not and will become more so when a European league kicks off .

20.) 30 Nov 2017 19:43:53
Man United is bigger than Manchester, football is a global business now.
Times are a changing .




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21 Feb 2018 11:12:50
Is there any interest in Stefan de Vrij?




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20 Feb 2018 12:46:02
The guy needs game time. Some players settle quicker than others.

Ed given we seem to be looking at bringing in 2-3 defenders I'm guessing some are going to be moved on. Any indications on who may be available or if any clubs are interested in any?


{Ed001's Note - Blind, Smalling, Jones, Shaw and Rojo off the top of my head are players Jose would like to be replaced.}



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17 Feb 2018 11:22:21
He needs to go. If he wants regular game time he has to go. If he stats he's just a bit part player and plan b. Frankly given the wages and his age its better he goes.




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16 Feb 2018 16:17:14
The reports were Besiktas.


{Ed002's Note - That makes sense then. It is where I expect him to go.}



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05 Feb 2018 16:46:13
But is Rashford underperforming though. He's scored goals this season. Its clear you don't like him for some reason and your groping for things to justify your dislike.





Mort's banter replies


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23 Feb 2018 09:11:20
No. I was going to go on holiday in Russia this year. Realised would-be at a similar time to the world cup and changed plans.




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20 Feb 2018 12:56:58
Should be a 6 game ban. No if ands or buts or any legal semantics.




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20 Feb 2018 12:52:16
He's a fraud and a hypocrite. Is he a football purist? Surely getting your players to make snidy fouls the second they lose possession isn't purism.




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19 Feb 2018 22:53:47
He needs a six game stadium ban for his half time antics.




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16 Feb 2018 16:21:04
We really lack options. I'm expecting 2 signings in the summer.